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  1. Issue Reported to Hyundai on : 11 Nov 2012 Days Gone past since then: 49 days I have a Hyundai Verna Transform model, about 18 months old and driven less than 12000 kms. Summary of the Issue: There was a leakage in the Fuel Injection Pump- fuel had leaked into the engine and mixed with the engine oil. There is a problem with the oils seal , the flange and other components of the injection pump unit. It turns out that the other parts of the engine, including the crank shaft, piston rings, valves, gasket and other key components were damaged due to overheating of the engine. The whole problem started due to the defaulting fuel injection pump, the failure of which is highly questionable given its critical nature to the whole engine assembly. After 49 days and still no sign of resolution, how do we go about asking for a redressal to this issue? My options currently are: 1. Wait for them to rectify all these issues which includes changing all the parts mentioned above. (with extended warranty) 2. Do I Ask for a new replacement car (Hyundai Verna) and be willing to pay the difference.