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  1. I am still looking for a solution to this problem. The service center in my area has failed to detect the problem, I may check some other service center but it will be a bit of a trouble. Any body can help?
  2. Thanks rush, the only problem is I don't know how to check all of this and am completely handicap in this matter, hence have to rely on someone who is an expert or knows these things.
  3. Hey Guys, I need some help. My TVS Wego has clocked 7200 KMS on Odometer, and will be a year old in 3 days from today. Off late, I started to face this strange problem with my Wego - it stalls while in motion. Once, it stalled on the Mumbai-Vashi bridge while I was overtaking a tanker and I narrowly avoided collision with the car coming from behind, thanks to its driver. I checked with the TVS Service center (Ujjwal Motors, Dombivli) and they said they are not aware of such issues and they will have to ride it to check. So I gave it for checking and also asked for servicing. They called me saying that they tried riding my Wego for long distance however they didnt face similar issue and hence unable to detect the problem. I just got my bike yesterday from service center and today the problems again started happening, this time with increased frequency. I went to service center again, they asked me ride with one of their mechanics tomorrow so that they can see this in action. I am planning a trip to Igatpuri on 26th of this month and I of course do not want my Wego to behave the way it behaves now. Any experts here could help me identifying what could be the problem?
  4. Thank you CarCrazyASTL. That helps clarify. I will be checking out the Thunderbird 350 at the showroom tomorrow and see what the showroom guys say too. I also checked out Pulsar 200NS and the Duke 200. According to Autocar reviews, the Pulsar is more comfy than the duke, and the latter offering more power in bhp, smoother riding and top speed. I will also be checking out the Avenger.
  5. He teaches all of us that patience and intelligence can actually co exist. Man of the Steel, he has time and again silenced his critics through his actions. Hats off, take a bow!
  6. Thank you dr. I think i am not a smooth rider, and think a bit less on what the bike wud go through and hence reliability is key for me. Something that is troubling me on the wego. The silencer and engine nut already came loose and there were four trips already to the service station and one premature servicing. I guess that speaks volumes of my ride quality :-P I will definitely go and check the Duke and consider a test ride. But it wont be a tourer and thats something I am missing in this price range
  7. I checked the Yamaha R15 site and found three varients. V.2.0, a spl edition and another version which i dont remember the name of. I was wondering if the Spl edition was build upon V.2.0 The only problem with Duke it seems is the stiff suspension as i found out from a test ride video online. The roads are not always smooth, specifically the place were I live has a lot of uneven speed breakers and lots of pot holes. So Duke's suspension compromises on the comfort on those roads. The bike has to take all that and more.
  8. I checked on the RE website and there are some small differences visually. You said the 500 is newer, and i was under the impression that both were new bikes. Can you suggest what is the difference?
  9. Off road is not on the cards and more of Highway, but want to tackle the pot holes and some 30 speed breakers in a 4 kms stretch from highway to my home.
  10. Thank you everyone for your suggestions. The decision is still a month away and i already see more alignment to the RE Thunderbird. I guess if it is going to be RE TB, then mostly i will go for 350 as it would be in my budget. I do like the Duke, but I have my doubts on the pillion comfort. Both rider and pillion comfort are of importance to me. I am not keen on the Classic because I may not find it attractive as TB is. I always thought I was a 'Sports Bike' guy untill i started munching long distances on my Wego. I might even consider the Avenger 220 if am convinced enough that it is low on maintenance, reliable..., but the low ride hight is a turn off
  11. I am looking for a tourer, and a BMW had actually caught my fancy - K 1600 GTL - but its obviously way way way out of my modest budget of around 1.5 lacs. I love to travel and have tried to abuse my TVS Wego by completing little more 2400 kms in less than 3 months. The Wego is the first ever vehicle in my family, which I bought in October 2012. This new bike will be my first bike, and before this I rode a couple of Bajaj CT100, Platina and a Splendor but not for long. I am looking for something which I can use for traveling long distances (in the range of 100 to 200 kms at the moment), easy to ride, should be very reliable and most importantly, comfortable and return decent mileage. I am not keen on the Avenger 220 at all, and some of my friends suggest I should consider RE ThunderBird. If so, which one would you recommend. I am open for other options too. What do you think I should be looking for?