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  1. ok.. will do that.. lets see what kinda discount i can manage.
  2. so are you saying that if i bargain... i will be able to get a 25k discount on Astar....?or are you adding the insuranceetc. into the discount?
  3. the great weakness that u are refering to is cramped interiors i guess....? & what 25k discount are you talking about? the dealer told me about a 7k discount? I've heard that astar isnt selling well.. is it true? if true.. then what is the reason?
  4. guys.. i'm looking to buy a car for around 4lacs. the car will be mostly driven by my mom... we test drove the i10 kappa & astar... the points favouring astar.. better fuel efficiency(could anyone tell me what fuel efficiency can i expect in daily city driving from i10 & astar) better service,maruti lower price of spare parts(i'm not sure abt this one) service station is closer cheaper more equipment(abs etc.) the points favouring astar better handling roomy So what should i buy?i'm really confused is the i10 1.1L. even worth considering? What will be Fuel efficiency of i 10 1.1,i10 kappa & astar in city?
  5. activa' face lift .. when will it be coming..will it be only a face lift or will their be some technical changes
  6. havent given a thought abt the kristal.. is it more fuel efficient than activa
  7. 3)good service... just forgot abt this dude what kinda outdated forum is this? cant even edit my posts... i spelt the title wrong.
  8. im planning to buy a new scooter which my sister & dad will use. it'll be used by me whenever my dad's 26 year old rajdoot conks out on me anyway my priorities are 1)easy maintanance (there'll be times when the scooter wont be driven for days) 2)good fuel economy i have short listed honda activa as my choice is their a better alternative? are their any new honda scooters/ new active going to be launched soon? is any other company launching new scooters? have heard abt yamaha launching new scooters.. should i wait for them.
  9. does anyone know how much will these scooters cost..& when will they be out cuz im looking to buy one soon.
  10. yup i do support u as it is a burden on the environment...
  11. gladiator is the best 125... according to me... it is not selling because of bad marketing... yamaha's reputation
  12. i have another problem with ACI... is that their focus on bikes has decreased a lot.. the new bike buying section is hopeless... only 2 pages without any stats like milage, 0-60 timings etc. & they dont review all the new bikes like yamaha galdiator ss & rs didnt even get a proper road test.