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  1. Rs. 3-5 lacs- ........ Figo 1.4 TDCi Rs. 5-7 lacs-........ Fiesta 1.6 Rs. 7-9 lacs.........Vento 1.6 TDI Rs. 10 lacs and above..........Cruze LTZ
  2. Below Rs.5 lakh .... Figo Rs.5 Lakh-Rs.10 Lakh ..... Ford Fiesta 1.6 Rs.10 Lakh-Rs.20 Lakh ..... Cruze or Laura TSI Rs.20 Lakh-Rs.30 Lakh ..... 3 Series Rs.30 Lakh-Rs.50 Lakh ..... A4 3.2 FSI/Lancer Evo X Rs.50 Lakh-Rs.75 Lakh .... Nissan 370Z Rs.75 Lakh and above .... Bmw M3 SUVs below 10 Lakhs ..... Nothing SUVs between 10 and 30 Lakh .... Outlander / Freelander 2 CKD (whn it gets launched) SUVs above 30 Lakh ..... Q5
  3. I know dude....just amazed by tht thought only
  4. I dont think so....what will be the probable cost of it....nearby 20 lacs....i dont think chevy will wanna play into that segment now....they will concentrate now on beat and the other 300 series cars ( AVEO / UVA) and some MUV.
  5. lol....manza and cruze in the same segment wonder u took it personal.
  6. In terms of space..i guess laura has a slight edge in the rear seat space department. But if you look at it from an overall package view....cruze will edge out laura. Laura looses out in service, spares cost....and probably looks ( looks according to me.....)
  7. Yeah...corvette he says!! In another thread he was saying Malibu. Mods....i think u need to watch this chevy guy...looks like he is joking around in the forum.....
  8. I think this chevy staff guy is bluffing. No discounts anywhr......and malibu???
  9. Go for the captiva..Awesome car....just took a drive of the automatic one....really good equipment level and AWD. Relax abt GM scenario...its here to stay..Fortuner is also good...But somehow dint like the looks....(bt looks is a personal thg)...u have to take a call..btw both of the,..
  10. Go for it....really good vehicle..You'll luv it...I hope Honda gives it the new engine which comes in activa....1 bhp extra...can make some difference to it.
  11. I really wonder y dont companies like toyota and honda launch special edition with something special in the engine....come on something new....stop apeing hero honda....u can do better. Guess the main culprit is the fact tht these companies do zero R&D here...
  12. I think u shud stay away from doing any engine swap. You will end up spending more money maintaining that and getting it all right than wat ur spending rt now with ur crdi...Probably u will be facing a lot of prob with the mounting in ur crdi. I dont think the injectors will be givg tht much prob...accent had 2nd generation crdi...nt tht hi-tech bt still a gem.
  13. aint they have managed to get some major concession from the union. And moreover with US govt as a backer they may still manage to get credit/ support from US financial market. Yeah...not gonna be look at this from this angle....this is a major change for GM....makes them to sit up and think and also make the right actions. For starters...i guess the welfare state which they whr running till now will stop to exist as tht is one of the concessions that they have got from UAW. But u guys r right...thr will be apprehension in the market..but GM aint gonna go down and out like that. Speed...i dont think u have to take captiva completely out because of this. Kinda hasty dude. Bt tell u wat guys...if GM goes about with the cruz launch in the comg months like they say they r gonna...then my vote goes for it. Launching a car is no small dealer will be ready for investing in training for the car and tools if they r not sure abt the survival of the company. Afterall....they will eb the biggest loosers...
  14. Hey...whats happening in US is basically restructuring. We all have heard tht in the TV as well as Paper. The company will be alive and kicking but will be cut down size. No one's gonna close down. The profit making brands (chevy, Caddy, GMC and Buick) will form the new company and US govt will have 60% stake. The remaining brands in US will be sold off and the money from that will be used to finsh the debt of the old company to some extend. And you cannot compare Daewoo india failiure to this. What happend in the case of Daewoo was total bankruptcy with no fall back profit brands and no govt or outside support. Moreover, parts for cars made in india whr coming directly from the closed down mother company in Korea. In case of GM india, i dont think a single part comes from US. So I dont think there is any issue here.