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  1. look at those alloys on nano, wow vista doesnt get them but nano does...whoooo...
  2. well after checking out different security systems available in market, finalised with MINDA security which costed me 3200/- with lifetime warranty,waterproof remote,reverse horns,mute keys,auto sensors if doors not locked in 15seconds, plastic quality is way better then autocop and xenos.CHEERS!!! thackervijay2009-02-25 05:20:47
  3. appolo accelerate are also good ones, also you can check yokohama b or c ones.
  4. nice info vibhor, but estates dont sell well in our market which shows the sales figures of indigo marina,GM optra,opel's estate, none did well in our market as we prefer saloon's as a better car to buy then estate's.
  5. wow, gr8 pics manuuj, what a car to be seen in our roads,yes this one is for safari's for wildlife sanctury's.
  6. rajeev nice pics and review of your trip, but as CC said try to post bigger size pics which are easy to view.CHEERS!!!
  7. FRG, yes agree that older vitara was much better styled and was more muscular lines as compared to current one, but with that price range surely in this segment its CR-V if need a petrol engine and Captiva for diesel.
  8. nimesh mittal, please go through anouncement sections before posting mate, have read same kind of posts by you in other threads too. karan, do you think jazz or prius would be priced along with i20, i guess they would be priced higher to this car, and for city driven usage i20 is a good choice.
  9. swiftvxi, gr8 choice as aveo 1.4 LE, its a stunning sedan with notch quality along with 3 yrs maintenance plan from GM along with freebies on offer, you are surely not going to regret your decision few years down later. Have you finalised your colour, cream white,golden brown and dark green tone colours looks awesome on this car.Looking for mroe updates and pics of ur car.CHEERS!!!
  10. wow manuuj, what a collection of car u have,RR is simply fabulous. Qualis is one of the best maintained one i;ve seen, as other members said its usually roughed,used badly and thrown on second hand market esp with taxi segments, but with personal usage owners like you, the sheer joy of seeing such well maintained qualis is to appreciate.Keep posting and happy miles ahead.CHEERS!! Share some of your qualis interiors too mate.
  11. well if you compare it with xylo, yes one does feel less space on its 3rd row,but better as compared to scorpio or safari, and mostly this row is used for kids so not much isssue, and yes i have travelled in 3rd row of innova, was okay for me nothing like cramped, i m 6ft tall.Hope this is helpful Ashish.
  12. suv, safari and scorpio muv- innova, nothing to beat this one for its space,comfort,refinment.
  13. adit, good review mate, surely you must have felt good to get first white car from MSS, would love to see few pics of your car.
  14. with the recession time around, company initially planned to postpone its plans for new sandero launch, now it might get launched around 2010 with two engines options with petrol 1.2L and diesel 1.5L on logan's platform.
  15. 1.3 quadrajet is really worth what people are looking for, but this doesnt seem to come sonner for this CS, as the company is planning for its new indigo with multijet engine as a friend is working with tata and details are that no news for CS with multijet engine, so may be will have to wait for news for CS quadrajet.
  16. this is a good news from skoda vibs, but cant see any pics of yeti yet.
  17. new passion, can you share your requirement and kind of usage of your new car, if its morely for city usage, you can have a look at new i20 from hyundai which has all rich features and of the best found in a hatchback, more spacious and new car as compared to swift.CHEERS!!!
  18. nice pics DD, but do share some details along with pics.CHEERS!!!
  19. very true DD, but also now with space problems and traffic increasing more in out country, there are buyers who prefer to go for this luxury hatchbacks then sedans, but for second car for rich man yes its skoda which comes first in their mind as its brand image is better then hyundai.
  20. nice pics anjan, i liked this interiors of black,-grey combinations much better then its beige ones. Vulture and Falcon,,.. hmm nice one anjan
  21. if this is what the new activa is gonna look like, i am not impressed, its more of a girlish looks and feels then the older one which is more better, solid feel.
  22. maddy, any updates on your buy??
  23. hey ashish, you seems to be confusing people around here, read that now u are thinking between civic and suv, which one is decided finally by you?? Or am i looking forward to your another thread...