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  1. i feel captain seats are good for front as the driver feels more hold and better placed in it, though second and third row should have bench seats with armrests as DD said, well DC does gives you all of that DD, just pay him for that..
  2. guys i20 comes with 3 variants as for now Asta - Base model Magna- second one with all features excluding side curtain airbags Magna (o)- with curtain bags and all features of Magna Magna was costing around 6.40/- in my city on road,
  3. Aman' date=' no air bags in magna no alloys in magna no very powerful considering its the same i10 engine inside the heavy car. [/quote'] well ashish, its asta the base model and not magna, in magna you get all features with alloys to airbags to abs, just the curtain bags are missing from its top end variant, Aman, well if its just skoda brand you are looking for then go for fabia, but do get its free maintenance package as well. Even its service costs are far more as compared to others, and as DD said visit its site to get a better idea abt its pricelist, would suggest you to have a look at i20, or wait for jazz,punto.
  4. well we are discussing which one out of 1.5 crdi and 1.3 multijet is best, and i vote for fiat's 1.3L multijet engine, these are engines sold by companies, where fiat's one id doing wonders around globe in different cars and car manufacturers,havent heard that big problem with fiat's engine which is more superior to hyundai's crdi,may be the issues with hyundai's crdi engines might be sorted out with their new technology being worked on in 2010,but till then its FIAT MULTIJET. Pl dont fight for which company is better,rather which engine is to choose from.
  5. cyrus, i liked the older tyres as compared to the later one,
  6. hey just saw a programme on TV, stating that bajaj messed up with its handling and riding pleasure in this xcd, which they want to sell it along with pulsars as its replacement, though have worked on its fuel efficiency buy harshed on riding and handling.
  7. gr8 review, and nce pics, yes there are few things activa niggle, but a nice gearless scooter which changed the market scenario and almost killed kinetic honda which was leading market. Well maintained valentine anjan, .Congratulations.
  8. what BS, 5.43/- for i20 magna, no budy its almost 6.40/- for magna.
  9. yeah CC it still comes with its free maintenance package, which also is a addition to its requirement.
  10. yes anjan very true, i remember qualis model was launched with its new variant Myst, which also looked damn good, i never understand why did co. discontinued their qualis as was doing gr8 in market and was leading without any difficulties, the joy of long journeys in that smooth and comfort car changed the way people used to travel in sumo's and trax.I still love to drive this car, which my friend still own. Manuuj.......... where are you???
  11. you have a choice between i20 and dzire, if you want hatch with loads of features and a bit lower on power, go for i20, else if you want sedan, low maintenance,good boot size, go for dzire.
  12. so JB, looking forward to buy Xylo???
  13. vippy, congratulations for your new buy, firstly do let us know what are the list your are getting along with your car and whats your budget to spend, which would be a better idea for us to share views with you.CHEERS!!
  14. hmm Ashish all here too, everywhere now...
  15. JB go to, its a nice site with all useful details along with car comparisions available.
  16. hey thats the news ashish, i20 to i10, anyways congratulations for both of i10's. Have a safe ride and looking forward to hear your experience with this new beauty along with some pics.CHEERS!!!!
  17. all the tata dealers are insisting to go for autocop security system without immobiliser, as they said when batteries go off, keys wont work and it would be difficult to get the system unlock, which one shall i go for, with immobiliser or without it. 4170/- without imm 4600/- with imm 6% discount on above rates at dealer. thackervijay2009-02-14 05:26:12
  18. yeah vibhor, every company is facing heat of this crisis in the market, and with the competition getting tight with more and mroe options available in the market with all segments, co. does plan out these tactics to lure more customers, by which customers gets a good deal with additional features like what ford is offering.CHEERS!!! Still ford maintenance is on the higher side.
  19. Ashish, nothing offered on i20 as for now, may be if finance opted to buy, financer may offer some discounts but doesnt seems so, which colour has been finalised buddy?
  20. go to imageshack and upload there, you would get the forum link, paste them there.
  21. What segment, car are you looking for, if you can be more precise in your query regarding which car you are looking to buy, we can pour more lights on that.
  22. you are welcome innocent, any decision finalised by your side do share.CHEERS!!!
  23. maddy, with the kind of running u have, GM captiva sounds gr8, new car,luxury and diesel engine, if you want a petrol car, honda CR-V shall be the choice.
  24. Will they offer a warranty or will it be like all other's Chinese product's: 'use and throw'. well this seems a nice concept DD, GM can offer anything ...