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  1. gr8 news, looking to see some hot pics.. cars i mean ...
  2. if the choices are between those two, i would prefer i20 magna anyday, loads of features, VFM, new car,hyundai ASS better then skoda, cheaper in maintenance, resale value would be better as compared,steering is damn light and easy to drive in city conditions.i20- my choice.CHEERS!!!
  3. no sir yaar, just dont want this forum to get repeated threads for same topic buddy, CHEERS!!
  4. well ATD it may surprise but getz is selling in good numbers now then what i used to, i know its dealer who confirmed this, and almost 40k discounts is a good deal man, bigger then most of hatchbacks in this price, easy to drive in city as well as highways.
  5. Piyush, congrats on your new set of wheels, excellent car with loads of features in that price.Looking forward to hear more of your experience with some cool pics, which colour did u opted mate , do share.CHEERS!!!
  6. manuuj... where are your pics mate???
  7. hyundai is giving its getz prime 1.1 for 3.5 or 3.7 on road, read this in TOI today
  8. i hate to see those rims on this sporty avtaar, man
  9. this forum is getting new threads for the same topics, mods please merge this one with the existing ones.ATD, we have this topic, do check before posting new ones please.
  10. nitesh, you are talking about new verna launched by hyundai, mate do check out announcement sections before posting new threads, as we already are having similar threads regarding new verna. MODS, pl do the needful.
  11. common aashish, 5l is almost 1 lac beyond his budget and he has specefied his requirements (only Maruti,Hyundai, Tata cars. )
  12. yeah ford is getting aggressive on market with this kind of attraction, as they are facing good competion with other players, so a nice move from ford, but have they slashed their spares and service prices as was heard earlier??
  13. ATD, well if its just sis in law gonna drive her car, A-star zxi is a perfect choice with safety features along with nice smooth and silent new engine from maruti, or go for i10 1.2 kappa engine which also is a good option.
  14. Well i am expecting the acceleration in GST as sgiitk said, but with the financial crisis around globe which has already started affecting indian economy too,we might see changes in import duty's, direct taxes would be cut for sixth pay commission.
  15. Well, looks are personal for any car,but if just space is not your requirement, dzire beats logan in every aspect, with world renowed fiat multijet engine, interiors are far better then logan, good MS network around country,Logan on the other hand is also having good dieel engine but interiors are too plane,nothing appealing abt it,with the price its offering i would go anyday for dzire.
  16. sudeep, no its not under warranty, regarding fog lamps yes i have driven a lot on highways and sometimes i did felt the need of it, also under emergency of headlights not working, they are helpful, the company said that fog lamps would come along with the grille, which would be replaced with the current one which would be taken out to fit lamps, anything under the hood advice can be done, all inputs are welcome. ANJ, well the thing you are saying wont work on this kinda dent, but only on those surface where you dont have those lines that hard, just like bonnet or roof surface which gets bend can be removed, but heard it does messes up with the colour surface so no to DT.You can find one at Sky shops across nation, if they dont have in stock they would get you one on order.CHEERS!!
  17. thats a good review venkat.CHEERS!! Yes i20 does feel that i should be given more power with 1.4 petrol and diesel engines option along with 1.2 kappa.
  18. yeah CC, its just clearing up its petrol Xeta models as people do buy its vista petrol versions too, so this is the move from company to clear all its xeta stock. Though i feel Tata should give its limited version of vista as top end variant with stock alloys with white paint and black roof which looks stunning on roads.
  19. good step from maruti to give more safety driving and getting more drivers into perfect driving skills.
  20. manuuj, well toyota conquered the MUV market by getting qualis into market which was best in its segment for a very long time, comfort,soft and easy to drive with toyota's support around country, my friend has one and i do see him as pleased with his qualis as u are with almost 1.5L kms runned and still going which shows how superior this product is.Looking forward to see you pictures.
  21. Got a call from Autocar stating i am being choosed for round 2, it was 14th feb first to get to the venue, but again they changed the date and i would be informed afterwards.
  22. thanks cyrus, thats helpful. Also do mention, shall i go for spoiler,foglamps and central locking system from the company;s dealer, as rates i have mentioned above, which they are giving 6% discounts on those, or to a local accessory shop.
  23. surendiran, welcome to this forum. For your budget, the choices are from Astar,santro,wagon R,spark and i10. If you can stretch a bit in your budget, i10 with kappa engine makes a better deal in this segment, and also if you are fine with the rear space and boot size of A-star, its very refined,silent and fuel efficient car from maruti, check out these cars, test drive them and select.CHEERS!!You may get discounts in all the cars except A-star.
  24. also would like to tell that i wont keep this car for more then 2 years, so dont want to spend that much which doesnt make any difference in its resale value, but things which will give that change in my car, few of which i have thought and the price list of the same with the company dealer is as follows: well guys, went to a tata dealer to check out few things and here's the price list got from them, went to Cargo Motors Pvt.Ltd here. Remote Lock type 1 4170/- Remote Lock type 2 4600/- with immobiliser.( both from Autocop) Spoiler 1879/- Fog Lamps 1600/- Wheel Caps 850/- what do you guys think i shall go for with the dealer stock, and what shall i go with aftermarket please comment on this, also would like to know whats the benifit with autolock with immobiliser and without it please suggest.I will go for remote lock and fog lamps for sure, from co. or after market is after your suggestions.CHEERS!!! Also here's the pics of the dent i said above, do tell me is it possible to remove this dent without messing up with colour, as the mechanic told me that will have to colour the whole rear door to get rid of this dent.