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  1. hi friends, as discussed about my new car purchased has been posponed, i was thinking to add some spice on my current indica, so want you all to give your vaulable thoughts and comments as to what should be done in regards of indica, along with price for that and what would look good, decent and not too fancy. I just got my pillars to black few days back from original colour, else yet to think, please put your comments.Here is the pic of black pillars Also to mention last night an ***** driver riding his bike put a dent on my rear door of the boot , which is about 4-5 inch on the upper right side of the door, now that is so annoying , what to do as if geting repaired have to get the whole door painted, or shall i do some good sticker job done on that, ill post its picture soon of that dent, please do help in that too.CHEERS!!!
  2. yeah anjan, nice pics we do see such unlikely automobiles at unlikely places.
  3. do we have two cylinders bikes here on sale??? as rkrk said
  4. man, congrats on your new buy, though being late to say but still have a gr8 and safe ride, waiting for your pics.CHEERS!!!!
  5. no DD the 1.1 and 1.4L engines would be diesel ones and not petrol, as they might give a diesel engine to spark with 1.1L and 1.4L for U-va and Aveo.
  6. there is news that GM is working on its 1.1L and 1.4L diesel engines for its current models like spark,u-va and aveo. 800cc engine is also in news from GM to compete with alto in this segment which is leading the market.GM is working hard to compete in this fiancial crisis its goin through.
  7. land cruiser wins anyday, best off roader and after its launch in india, surely all the votes would change in its favour, else yes Pajero wins. though i love GM Captiva. thackervijay2009-02-10 04:03:53
  8. Civic, no doubt is a fantastic car, but is getting a few cosmetic changes in due time, also its seatingposition is low and if you drive on rough roads, its not recommendable, on the second hand altis is higher, already is the facelift version so no changes in coming time, comfortable.If you are looking for a car for yourself-CIVIC, if for your family Altis.CHEERS!!!
  9. TSR, congrats once again for your newbuy. There are two types of green colour available with GM, dunno which one u opted for, do share pictures of your car once u get it, and also your experience with the dealer, your first few kms ride experience and few add-ons you did on your new car. Drive safe.CHEERS!!! Insurance, yes you can get your NCB transferred to this new car, only if you have sold your older car of which ncb you are claiming, but we have a member who is a insurance guy, he may put more lights and can give u a better idea on that, you can go through few pages on this forum where he has made a thread regarding insurance, cause i dont remember his name.
  10. which colour did u opted ankit?and when is the delivery of your car do share few pics of your car.CHEERS!!!
  11. well GM is already working on its 1.1 and 1.4L DIESEL engines which might come with existince models across, but when is not sure, ill try to give the link, lemme find it out.
  12. hmm so where the discussion heading towayds, no more inputs...
  13. hyundai tends to mess up with its pricing with cars, already i10 is pricey and now 1L more to that, is a doubt with its sales figures, swift is already rulling with diesel market and with this much price of 1L more for 1.1L diesel engine would boost more sales for swift.
  14. LMC, both of i's are different car loaded with the same 1.2L kappa engine, which i20 is bigger,premium hatchback with loaded features along with safety measures like airbags and abs, while i10 is a compact hatchback, has won many awards and accepted worldwide, made in india car by hyundai.CHEERS!!
  15. hey buddy, we already are having threads for this one MODS, kindly merge this one with the existing one.
  16. yeah Bs agree with that in our country dont expect that to turn out in big numbers, its just like one praises and others follows, so nothings gonna change.
  17. yes the sports version of fabia was in news around nov- last year, with alloys and bigger engine, but would also be more costly, so the fabia gets more pricier as it already was, but i doubt with 1.6/1.8 engines it would be almost 10L, which wont be good for the co. with indian buyers spending that much on hatchback, and on skoda.
  18. ATD, yes there's still discounts available with altis, how much will findout and let u know in a day here.CHEERS!!
  19. well shrinath, there were news for new U-va launching around feb, but with the financial crisis with GM, they might postpone launching its new U-va but surely to see it in '09.CHEERS!!
  20. i think it would be better i you contact the company first and let them tell you where should send the vehicle, cause else dealer doesnt let u run here and there, if you know the dealer in nearby city, then contact them.
  21. Also if i remember tata motors have developed a caravan on orders which was a good one, dont remember its name and details.
  22. oh thats good news msjawahar, good choice you opted for quadrajet engine, better anyday then tdi. Do finalise with booking after checking you get 09 manufactured model and not 08. CHEERS>