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  1. rahul sorry its not 7000/- but 70000/- seventy thousand extra on its executive model for its cng kit, fitting charges all included.
  2. seems arihant who posted this thread is missing from the scene, as to what is in his mind after this debates we are having.
  3. VIBS well buddy this was expected from GM too as all other companies are hiking prices of their various models, MS,Honda,Hyundai already did so now its GM. Mr. Reddy, if you have already made up your mind of buying Tavera, go on and buy it but now you would be offered new prices as affected, still you can bargain for more discounts though. CHEERS!!!
  4. ATD congratulations buddy , good choice, do keep updating on the choice of colour u opted, ur experience as DR said.CHEERS!!!
  5. for 1.3 GLX try pushing your dealer more say atleast for anywhere in between 30-35k and also what are the freebees on offer else then 25k.
  6. mally, well your problem with innove u own right now is 3rd row A/c and nothing else, then its better to stick with innova, and also what DR said you can enquire abt its fitments from the dealer in your city which may be able to fit you A/c vents for your 3rd row, if you have finalised to change your vehicle, innova still suits with its engine refinment, as compared to Xylo. TD both the new vehicles and decide.CHEERS!!!
  7. cant understand what are you looking for, can you be more precise in your explanation.
  8. no archit accent is already available with CNG option with a charges of 7000/- of its kit from the company in its new accent executive. check out executive thackervijay2009-02-04 09:10:52
  9. arihant, well both of these cars are from different segment, the initial amount you'll save on fabia would be depreciated on its resale value, as what you would also save on its fuel consumption, but its ASS,spares are on the higher side.ANHC new car,looks features gives u a premium sedan ownership and with honda its always going to be higher on its resale value,If you can buy honda city, just go for it and not skoda.CHEERS!!!
  10. in your budget and your dad driving mostly, i suggest you go for new i10 1.2 kappa engine, refined, perfect for city driving conditions and would be viable, my vote-i10,1.2 kappa.CHEERS!!!
  11. ATD, i still feel you go for NHC, as better for 3 rear passengers seat, visibility and also its mileage as u said your 80% driving in city conditions, NHC will surely fulfill in all aspects.CHEERS!!!
  12. skoda is definately far better in space,built and quality compared to swift, but with a premium price, if you are looking for skoda fabia i would suggest you to have a look at hyundai's new launch i20, then decide which one to go for.
  13. can you share what offers are you getting in your city's dealers with how much discounts and onroad price.
  14. TOKYO: Honda Motor Co. said on Monday managers' salaries would be slashed 5% starting next month to cope with sliding sales. The cut comes on top of > the 10% pay reduction for directors announced last month. The move affects about 4,800 managers at Honda group companies in Japan, including those stationed abroad, but not those hired by Honda's overseas units, the company said in a statement. The reduction continues through May, and what happens after that is still undecided, it said. Japan's No. 2 automaker has been battered by the plunge in demand in major auto markets like the US. The rising yen also hurts Honda and other Japanese exporters by reducing their overseas earnings. Last week, Honda slashed its profit forecast for the fiscal year through March by 57%, to 80 billion yen ($888.9 million) from an earlier 185 billion yen. The latest projection marks an 87% slide from the 600 billion yen earned the previous year. Honda, which makes the Accord sedan and Odyssey minivan, also lowered its sales target by 3% to 10.1 trillion yen, the first time in nine years Honda will mark an on-year sales drop. Still, Honda's troubles may be smaller than its rivals. General Motors Corp. and Chrysler have received massive bailouts from the US government to stay in business. Toyota Motor Corp, the world's biggest automaker, is projecting its first operating loss in 70 years. Toyota, Honda and Nissan Motor Co. have laid off thousands of temporary plant workers to adjust production. TOI.
  15. no images seen animesh, MODS as said by other members please merge ths thread with honda jazz.
  16. That a good point. I believe the average Indian has no idea what sulphur has to do with emission. Hence' date=' if sulphur was the culprit, then it should be only through the Government itself which will stop the sales of diesel. Other than that, sulphur content and its combustion byproduct sulphur dioxid, which causes acid rain wont prevent the buyers from buying it. Till today all the buying was based on cost, and only some drastic change in the mind set will make us choose better. [/quote'] not just this but even most of the people dont know about any fuels regards to petrol with octane levels or diesel with sulphur content, as regards the main reason people choosing diesels now is cause of their noise level reduced to petrol likes, more mileage provided with fuel rates difference which makes is cost effective, this is the general view i have noticed, but what anjan said, it would be more better if their contents level reduced as per the international levels, then its boom but requires lots of investments by the oil companies then.
  17. rahul, congratulations for your new bookings. Dont worry nothing new would be seen in swift in near future else then its new engine with 1.2L petrol as for now. Happy and safe driving.CHEERS!!
  18. Lemme try to make it a lil easier. I presume you need a petrol hatchback cos you ll use the SUV for highways. So buying a petrol would be lighter on your wallet for maintenance. 1. i20 1.2 kappa is good enough for highways but underpowered for highways. For city driving it could be good enough. 2. Too early to comment on this. Honda jazz and GP arent yet launched so better you wait till the launch & decide. 3. All the 4 cars are comfy for 3. 4. I think here too all cars have good boot space. 5. Here the fabia looses easily. Hyundai & honda might be easier to maintain & have better A.S.S. Fiat Punto could come 3 rd here. 6. According to GP interior sold abroad i didnt find it too great . I think i20 has amazing interiors!!! If its petrol hatchback i would say go for i20. If you can wait Honda Jazz would be a great buy but obviously pricier than i20. If its diesel go for Grande Punto blindly. i second this, if diesel is not in your list, then as for now i20 is your choice which suits ur requirements, but do check it on highways, as it might be not enough for 1.2 kappa on highways, city driving easy and comfortable. Jazz, would be more pricey then i20,GP only if diesel and can rely on fiat's ASS.
  19. done with round 1 yesterday:-)... CHEERS!!!
  20. anjan nicely said, but i still feel that jbond asked that when the mileage taken into account before its first serviceis less as compared to after, so what is it done in that first service either then washing and changing oils,filters that same vehicle starts giving more mileage then before, i guess this is what is to be known???
  21. ankitj, well if you have decided upon your car then congratulations, diwali time had around 20k to 30k discounts, but with 2009 feb, dealers here in my city are saying around 15k now on getz 1.1,1.3 respectively. If you are opting for finance options,then you also might get more discounts on this. Getz is not so popular, as havent sold much but is a very good car, solid built. Try to bargain as much as u can with freebies and discounts.CHEERS!!!
  22. anjan, even azure grey looks good along with silver,black and white.
  23. yes tanmay the status attached is acceptable but dont forget that swift diesel iswhat people has made it that success, ask MS to price its petrol swift above 5L and see how's the response, as you know the numbers they sold their zxi vrsion in that price tag, very less.