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  1. man, thats a pretty long time mate, till then we all will be just guessing as we did till now, and it has to be a diesel launch, and a better one to innova's.
  2. lol..archit yeah that one was for you buddy! thanks BS,VIBS thackervijay2009-01-31 10:08:00
  3. oops sorry yes 2010 is the time when new norms applicable as said by you, so i still say i10 1.2 kappa is a better choice.
  4. yes definately they know exactly the perfect time,model to be launched here.
  5. but with the price on offer of 90k by toyota is really very high, as if economy is my concerned then i would love to buy its diesel version then its CNG, but as other companies are getting their models upfront with cng/lpg variants, this was expected.
  6. we already have thread and discussion as sgiitk said for new norms applicable from 2010. MODS please merge them.
  7. so friemds, posting few pics of my car.. its side view front seats, very comfy rear seats have plenty of space to get in and out with my driving seat fully back, my parents loved this comfort which we didnt got in any other car.:-) few dirt spots are of my kid"s painting classes and few dinner sessions on rear so waiting to get them spoil completely and then change them...CHEERS!!! thackervijay2009-01-31 05:21:03
  8. Kappa, is anyday a better choice to go for, even though higher priced but given more performance without reducing its FE, as well as what sgiitk said, 5 years down, with new norms around, kappa makes a better choice as also its resale value.
  9. Not just maruti, other car manufacturers, hyundai,tata,ford,toyota and honda all have raised their prices ranging from 1.5k's to 12k varing from different models. Companies cut their prices say two times a year and raises 4 times which afterall brings prices up by year end by quoting raw material rise, which alltogether is a different story.Not a good move in this financial position in country and around globe.thackervijay2009-01-30 04:32:16
  10. is there chances sgiitk, that with the current engines they tweak it or make that needed changes to meet the specifications or will they have to rule out the engine and come up with newer one.
  11. Honda Accord has always been leader in its segment, and camry has never reached that target, though a good class product, ut pricey then accord, and features more available on the second, new launch would be to seen what does it differ in charts to accord.Nice info VIBS.
  12. yes DD agree that i30 is not being showcased as sedan yet in any countries they sell their product, but as hatchback and Swagons, but with i20'sprice and then i30, dunno what would they price this one with , in which category surely more then i20.
  13. Archit, well its not just for 800... any cars and mostly muv/suv segments is seen higher rate then with sedans and hatchbacks. I know in east i.e kolkatta, the most number of stolen vehicles is hero honda splendour and bajaj pulsars for their engines used on small boats and ferries..
  14. oh wow so this one runs on both of these wheels...stock rims and
  15. yes afterburner, but we are still to accept premium hatchbacks on our roads, as we have already seen it with skoda fabia, may be i20, and upcoming hatchbacks may change the trend.
  16. U-va is a good hatch under that price bracket shubham, with GM giving 3 year all maintenance free package, which is attractive, only issue is its reliability and its resale value, which also lets u to think to look for hyundai getz, which is a good car, good built, good offers and freebees from co., nice hyundai services across nation, though not selling well but is a good small big car. Test drive both of them and then decide.
  17. pravegm007, welcome to AutocarIndia. Your collection seems to be intresting mate. As all said, do create a album on picassa and share it with all of us.CHEERS!! Wish you a pleasant stay.
  18. yeah sir, agree on their natural death! lol!!! may be we assume the newer models to be replacements for older versions, but companies never claim it to be, instead look for decade old models from maruti,hyundai still doin good and selling which shows on charts, but also as sgiitk said, 2010 comes with new norms, it might be different scenario.
  19. wow, congratulations on your new booking mate. Dzire, zdi is a good and perfect choice you opted, wish dealer could make it more faster for your delivery, looking forward for your pics and experience. Drive safe.CHEERS!!!
  20. nice pics and interiors buddy., cool seat covers very comfy.
  21. well nothing new in pulsars, too common with its common problems. fz, new launch, award winner, new styling with good looks, now it depends what really impress you . My vote- FZ16
  22. recommended to get your swift get thoroughly checked at maruti service centre and find out the reason, as anjan said it should give u around 14 in city driven conditions .post more updates on that.