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  1. arjun, any more info abt the new showroom yet.?
  2. comfort,driving pleasure and overall innova still rules this segment as BS said, so xylo yes taxi segments might see lots of new ones in their parkings.
  3. vineet, any updates on your decision buddy??
  4. CK- all these 3 cars are best in their league. spark though from GM is a good car to drive as it would be driven by your mother, but with its fiancial position in US, its natural to have a concern, if you can strech your budget, go for i10,kappa new refined engine which would be boon after 5 yrs ownership, A-star is cramped on rear and boot, but is a good car is rear space and boot is not your concerned with new engine doin gr8 in this car. I'll say Td her all these 3 cars and let her decide which is more comfortable to handle by her. My vote is for i10.
  5. bpinaki, congratulations on your new wheels. Good and peppy car to drive in city as well as highway, yes a few niggles for parkings and scratches, with rattling issues heard common on this one, but a successful car on road these days, more spacious then i10, u brought one so have fun with it, drive safe. CHEERS!!!
  6. thackervijay


    yash, if rear space is not your concerned, dzire is the perfect choice, check out vxi,zxi models and offers you get.
  7. but these are very different from ones showcased on shows in dubai. headlamps are dull and not clear as it shall be, same case with rear lamps though not that bad but more clearer front lamps were expected, also its chrome grill is missing.
  9. guys you are naming the car but not giving its reasons, also do mention whats the reason u dont like that particular dash and what u feel should be changed to make it look better. Put your inputs.CHEERS!!!
  10. instead of providing power windows,central locking they should give abs and airbags, like other countries which is more useful and saves life.
  11. yes tanmay, agree with hyundai going with the same strategy they applied for i10, get in run in market with lower power, then let the bigger engine arrrive.But with this pricetag and low power its to be seen how is i20 accepted in market.
  12. hello ssk, go for honda activa or aviator, which ever suits ur ride, as both are equipped with same engine with different body, avaitor has rear discs too.CHEERS!!!
  13. tinu-mohan, wow man good pictures and well maintained car you have mate. Thanks for all the queries which u sorted out regarding this classic car, there are many in my city, but now a days rare to be seen on road. Spares are quite costly and was expected but routine service charge as u mentioned is ok.CHEERS!!!
  14. MR.Dev, very unfortunate to hear this, but as other members said please do let us know the details about your car, model,problems along with few pictures added which might be useful for other people too.
  15. source: rajchetan,tbhp. this bike was seen and taken pictures in karnataka. any more information on this bike guys, with its specs and pricing??
  16. also to mention that we usually have a mentality to but a hatch, says small car around 5l and anything beyond that is sedan, as we dont prefer to spend that more for a small car, where one can buy a sedan.
  17. Many automobile manufacturers only launch sedan versions of their popular models in India. Examples of this include: Honda Civic (in Europe the hatchback is far more popular) VW Jetta (an ungainly version of the Golf) Toyota Corolla Altis (saloon version of the Auris) the recently phased out New Honda City (a butchered version of the last generation Honda Jazz) Suzuki SX4 (looks far better as a hatchback) Ford Fiesta Fiat Linea (still no Grande Punto on sale) Its 2009 now, and although one can now choose from a very large variety of cars in India now, there is an extreme shortage of good quality hatchbacks available in our country. Most of them have small engines (most powerful ones I can think of are the Palio 1.6, Getz CRDi and Fabia 1.4), flawed dynamics (Chevy SRV - looks sporty but a terrible drivers car) limited space and inferior build quality (eg. Indica, Swift - I drive the latter and it rattles more than a skeleton in a washing machine). So are there any people out there who would be takers for a so called "premium" hatchback? Would you choose a Civic hatchback over a Civic sedan? Or a Golf over a Jetta? SX4 hatch over an SX4 saloon? Or is there another hatchback that you would love to buy? Audi A3? BMW 1 series hatchback? Anything else? Or do you think hatchbacks are inferior to sedans and only make sense if you want to buy a cheap (less than 8 lakhs) car?
  18. Audi has launched the new A4 with 2 new engine options in India. Apart from the 3.2FSI Quattro there is a new petrol engine option. The new 2.0TFSI engine has 180PS and has a multitronic i.e. CVT transmission. The new absolutely insane diesel is the 3.0L TDI 24-valve V6 with 240horses and quattro. This has a tiptronic tranny similar to the 3.2FSI quattro to handle all that power and the 500Nm of torque. Man some really good engines from Audi along with Quattro. The 2.0T FSI costs Rs. 37L on-road mumbai. BMW and merc both have underpowered petrol engines which sell much lesser compared to the diesel. I think this is a great move from Audi.
  19. ill also like to add gypsy, i never liked its dash, with its looks i felt it should have a better one than this.
  20. Ahmedabad. and first and only one from here..thackervijay2009-01-25 05:54:19
  21. mine is simple with thacker my surname and vijay my name..
  22. balchandra, no doubt man swift is a drivers car and if rear space and boot is not your requirement, its of the best in its class to drive which is fun.