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  1. you cannot compare indica with i20 in any ways, but DD yes if you checkout i20 i too have mentioned that its positioning is too close to your thigh-knee suppert, even after adjusting the steering, but overall its a good package to find in one of its class, though was expected to come with 1.4 l engine and not 1.2 kappa ones, any test drive report guys...
  2. rki, usually it goes for 20% depreciation value of your bike for every year, so as it seems you might be able to get around 18-2-k's for your bike as CBZ is not that popular in second hand market.
  3. this is good news to see more of these cars over here, but along with it is the bad news of no hummer to be officially launch in India. Cadillac dont know how would be it accepted in this high range where GM is already struggling for its fundings in USA.
  4. what about its diesel engine, nothing in it for india.
  5. rki, no doubt in that mate, there would be difference in price of innova and xylo.
  6. you must have got that a good deal on your aveo mate
  7. so with FE may be competing with Astar now
  8. still fiat needs to change its repo by giving individual ASS and showrooms instead a JV with tata where fiat's cars are being just kept aside and nobody bothers to show that to customers, to which fiat companies profile gets damaged, saying by personal exp.
  9. oh yes definately with the features you are saying BS it definately would have made this car a good buy. Its diesel engine is luring buyers go for it.
  10. yeah thanks buddy, so it that confirm that new spark will be same as current with 800cc engine underhood, even then it would give good competition in market, with more fuel efficiency and peppyness in drive.
  11. BS may be with more options available in the market now as compared before, ford doesnt see much sales of new endy
  12. And Archit yes 800cc version will come but with the current model only not archit BS it was me saying that.
  14. welcome to ACI arjun, wish u a pleasant stay.
  15. yes nikvit, agree that even this new palio needs new dash.
  16. guys heard that i20 runs out of breathe when full occupied and needs throtle pushed completely to pickup in 2nd and 3rd gear.. any members experienced this in their TD yet???
  17. General Motors said worldwide sales fell 10.8 percent in 2008, ending its 77-year claim as the world's largest automaker. GM sold 8.36 million vehicles last year, putting it about 616,000 units behind the 8.97 million reported by Toyota Motor Corp. Tuesday. The 2008 results cap an advance by Toyota that has seen the Japanese automaker overcome a 3 million deficit since the start of the decade, fueled in large part by gains in the United States. In 2008, both automakers posted sales declines. At the time of the announcement, just before 9 a.m. Wednesday, GM defined itself on its Web site as "the annual global industry sales leader for 77 years.'' GM President Fritz Henderson had said the previous evening that retaining the title wasn't "terribly important," to him. He told the Automotive News World Congress last night that it's more critical that GM, which hasn't posted a profit since 2004, is strong financially. Toyota said its sales across the group fell 4 percent in 2008, dragged down by sharp declines in North America, Europe and Japan. The figure was in line with Toyota's previous forecasts, as car sales worldwide plunged in the final quarter amid a financial crisis that forced most car companies to slash production. For the parent only, which excludes minivehicle maker Daihatsu Motor Co. and truck unit Hino Motors Ltd., sales fell 5 percent to 7.996 million vehicles, Toyota said. Sales at the two units rose from 2007. In the United States, the single-biggest market for both automakers, GM tumbled 22.7 percent last year, while Toyota was down 15.4 percent. As of 2007, Automotive News ranked Toyota No. 1. In that year, GM included 516,435 Wuling brand vehicles in its global tally. But GM owns only 34 percent of the Chinese company that builds Wuling products, SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co. Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. owns 50.1 percent. Automotive News counts only sales of majority-owned subsidiaries in an automaker's global total. More
  18. i also heard that the car needs to push full throtle when full seated on 2nd and 3rd gear, any TD??
  19. surely, its in garuage, will come by saturday, will post on sunday for sure buddy...
  20. In a bid to make Indian roads more child friendly, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has decided to make
  21. yes vibhor this pics are taken in pune by teambhp as you mentioned. any news of its launch dates and details???