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  1. below 5l is what you could expect on your old accent rkarthik, reasons as other members suggested.Get what your honda dealer is offering you on exchange,then choose where to sell.
  2. yes CC thats the reason its not included here arjun.
  3. i think that hyundai would launch its i30 in its sedan version and not as hatchback, lets wait and watch.
  4. there are other good suv's in the market which are good one's and with the reputation with ford motors and their financial status in US, endevour didnt do that well in markets, but by endorsing bollywood stars doesnt mean it would lure buyers, though this is my own thoughts. DD@ yeah absolutely buddy tata's add campain are amongst the best unlike their products.CHEERS!!!
  5. Was just musing, amongst the current crop of cars, which dashboard design do you absolutely HATE the most and why? Parameters which can be considered... a. Plastics - Texture/Colour(s) b. Reflection of the sun on the windshield c. Storage - Glove Box, nooks and crannies d. Ergonomic design of switches (HVAC, Boot/Hood Release etc.), AC Vents e. Integration with the Instrument Cluster f. Integration with ICE g. Beauty! one design i dont like is of maruti omni.
  6. why only tavera mr reddy, i mean any specific reasons for goin for this car, and do also mention your requirements, as if you are looking to buy a used car, would be better to go for an used innova as compared to tavera.
  7. nice pics suzero, kodai is a nice hill station i;ve been there two times.
  8. also is the speculations that the new spark will come out with 800cc engine.
  9. yeah vibhor after its "i" success in i10 and now i20 launched hyundai is getting on with their other members of i family to get into indian market. but another hatchback with more premium price seems to be a question now i guess, lets c it
  10. nice pics hummer, do post some of its interiors mate sidhhant, wow mate cool car u own, very styling and i love this one, its steering is same as of spark right, not much diference.
  11. yeah vibhor read this in TOI today, tata seems to look forward to capture the used car bus also as does Mr. Khattar and Mahindra, seems this market is growing with big giants now.
  12. this was gonna happen once the norms and regularaties gets tougher.So our old beauty would be out of market then..
  13. link: Spies have recently caught what is beleived to be the Tata Safari, or possibly the new Indicruz MPV in the most uncovered shots to date. Photographed during a fuel stop with a team of British engineers, the Indian company's MPV/SUV is being tested before release as a second-generation. Tata's Safari is India's first locally produced SUV. Spy shots show off the vehicle's rounded off front, which makes it look a bit more like an MPV, leading to speculation it's the new Indicruz MPV model (aka Xover concept), however it's raised ride height puts it in SUV league in our estimation. Tata will hopefully lighten the weight of the next-gen Safari, which comes to a massive 2115 kg (4663 lbs). Adding all-wheel-drive also increases the weight by 110 kg (243 lbs). The company is trying to address the fact that their heavy beast is woefully underpowered. A new 3.0-liter turbo diesel Direct Injection Common Rail engine produces 116 PS and 300 Nm of torque. We would hope the next gen gets even more power as well. If you have never heard of Tata Motors before, perhaps you know them as the new owners of Jaguar-Land Rover. The two divisions were sold to the Indian company last March. Tata Motors also made waves in 2008 with the Tata Nano, a tiny four-person car priced just as small at $2,500. There is no word yet on a release date for the new Tata Safari. The current model ranges in price from $16,360 to $28,480.
  14. arjun its three leters to be posted mate not two... ill continue what city demands
  15. check out this omni with that airplane on its roof, couldnt take its rear pic but has its spare wheel placed on its door with a sair to climb up with the same kind of stickers.Enjoy.
  16. hey nice to hear abt your trip suzero, looking for some pics of your trips mate.
  17. thanks for the information mate, its useful to check out before buying ones.
  18. i read this on a car few days back i dont carry cash, i m married
  19. wow cool pics BS, no wonder the honda city dx of the best in comfort of its lot mate. what abt your seat covers in spark r they or stock ?? most reactive nice pics too mate, but do post more and some of its interiors.
  20. wow nice cool pics arjun.yeah its pitty that they had to close the showroom cause of mcd, any idea where is it shifted now??
  21. arjun, i30 is not yet launched here mate. viraj, as said earlier, no point of comparing i20 with swift, but with fabia and upcoming new hatchbacks. Your figures says i20 better then fabia and swift along with rich features available in it.Hmm...