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  1. Well as now both the said and much talked hatchbacks are launched, i would like to know from all experts that which is the better buy from these two hatchbacks. I know Fiat has successed with their linea but i still fume about tata's ASS after atleast owning a tata vehicle till now. Also when i went to check out gp, one thing that was a let down was its rear space which is strictly for two adults. On other hand i20 is same as its petrol sister in all aspects except it's engine, but hyundai's ASS and reliability so getting confused on to which one is a better buy to go for. With the prospective of keeping this car for atleast 5-to 7 years, lesser maintenance and spares which hyundai is ahead. Help me please CYRUS432009-07-15 07:51:38
  2. but all you guys are forgetting one thing, that Honda is Honda and it would sell in our market what ever they offer, the example is their latest NHC which lacks many features but still sells as people buy HONDA badge, so jazz would sell too, people wont mind spending 8+L for a honda hatch for a sedan.
  3. it would be in the range of 6.5 to 7.5L range for i20 diesel, dont expect lesser then this.
  4. nice capture deepak, yes BS this vehicles pics are flouring on all forums, seems mahindra is back high with its another UV in here.
  5. stretch budget and buy xylo/scorpio/innova, suits your needs
  6. hyundai music system is just about average with speakers okay if you intend to listed to routine FM's and CD's, top range vibes and flats a lot, better to upgrade to better speakers on that.
  7. Also have a look at 3M brand range which are somewhere in between V-kool and others, offers good visibility and at a respective price range.
  8. well vitara needs to gear up with better power and good list of equipments which it lacks big time to its competetiors, lets hope its not all about chromes here and there with new engine.
  9. UNLIMITED APPEAL,LIMITED AVAILIBILITY! thackervijay2009-06-23 10:12:16
  10. i guess sparsh this is what you are talking about what you saw this was seen at NCR by a bhp member.
  11. when i went to the showroomto check out ritz, i was told that swift diesel is available within 10 to 12 days and dzire is available within 20-25 days, is it ritz effect or another maruti tactics, as far as ritz is concerned i liked two things in it one was the quality of plastics which is by far best in maruti offered, another is its retro styled rear looks which does gives you something different feel, but space is shorter to swift, 3 adults cant seat comfy on rear, tacho on dash is not appealing, over all a change to swifts around but doesnt feel that great too.
  12. you already said your choices between few, if you want a larger size vehicle, go for innova,tried,tested and toyota;s superb refined engine and stability would solve your purpose.
  13. some spy pics of GP along with a TD from factory for its test drive review check this link (it is 1.4L petrol engine tested)
  14. what have heard is that ingress and outgress is much better then swift, which means that its nicely packed car to own, yes if you want a car for family go for ritz and for yourself go for swift, whats resulted to see is the options available in 4-6L price bracket from maruti is plenty.Rear thougth is a bit messy with looks else feels good with its finish, how were rattles handled as compared to other maruti vehicles any news on that cyrus??
  15. cool pics guys, really good ones.
  16. wow, california is superb and good to see her in mumbai, surely Mr.Ratan Tata has his taste in cars.
  17. current best choice would be Swift Dzire Vxi or Zxi which ever suits your bill. thackervijay2009-05-12 07:15:16
  18. choice is i20, though aveo is a good car, superb built but nothing exites about it, stick to i20 and you will love it.
  19. Janish, ritz is on the cards to launch, yes the discounts on i10 is surely lurying you to go for it, if you cant wait go for kappa i10, superb car, but its wise to wait and look at new launch and then decide which one suits you.