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  1. Though launched more than a month back' date=' the Jazz is yet to take off saleswise.I guess only a very few are being sold.A hatch is a hatch is a hatch even if you (or the company) call it any other name.

    Who will like to pay Rs 8 L or more for such a hatch? Its not the iconic Fiat 500 or the Mini but the Jazz.

    I'll be the happiest person to see a price correction for the Jazz.

    Honda prices its spares exhorbitantly and the poor car user has no other alternative.The company and the A.S.S.'s are having a field day (and night too)!




    absolutely anjan, what honda does is enjoys their brand value in india, where honda is the most superior for buyers who wants is Honda badge without looking into the features,power and overall package of cars, andyes Jazz would surely see some correction in coming days, how horrible to see that a 8L+ car is not equippped with atleast fog lamps and company charges premium on to this!

  2. smiley7.gif Honda enjoys a reputation in India far more than what it deserves. Look at the Jazz' date=' New city.... For their respective classes they are exorbitantly priced and ill equipped. Honda should stop using their premium name and cheating customers by selling cars that are significantly cheaper than their price tags. Agreed, the quality of the cars are good, but they cannot match even a 5Lac VW polo in their build quality. SO customers, grow up, see what you really want in a car, if its space look at the LOGAN, for driving pleasure the FIESTA 1.6S or a cheaper and no-nonsense SWIFT DZIRE. Just don't buy honda cars because of the premium image they have. In fact in the US and EUROPE, HONDA is to them like what MARUTI, HYUNDAI is to us. [/quote']

    absolutely ROYM5, Honda enjoys here is their brand value which people trust and wouldbuy what ever pricing they have for their models, NHC was priced higher with lesser features and still sells cause people buy HONDA and thats what company enjoys here, yes look at other countries and scenario is different for Honda.

  3. I would advise you to for Punto' date=' it's better looking and has good ride and handling. i20 is overpriced and not worth the premium.

    Punto has got a service interval of 15,000 kms, so it will be cheaper to maintain.[/quote']


    well i thought the same, but what after 15k, i mean usual car needs this done by 5 to 10k intervals for better performance and engine life, also the cost of spares for fiat has been on higher side till now , not sure about current status.Hyundai also had complains for their crdi engines on accent but current one which is 1.4 on i20 is newer, so still getting confused.

    I have TD gp so far, impressive with the available features onboard, but the amount spend is just not for features, also the plastics used on GP atleast on dashboard is not worth saying, and lots of cost cutting is being done on that, also the NHV level is on much higher side on GP as compared to swift or say vista, so i would say would prefer i20 crdi, one thing for hyundai and crdi owners, have heard about softer suspensions on Getz and verna diesels which is why there is more of body roll as compared to others, isit the same for i20 too?
    thackervijay2009-07-17 12:05:45

  4. Well as now both the said and much talked hatchbacks are launched, i would like to know from all experts that which is the better buy from these two hatchbacks. I know Fiat has successed with their linea but i still fume about tata's ASS after atleast owning a tata vehicle till now. Also when i went to check out gp, one thing that was a let down was its rear space which is strictly for two adults. On other hand i20 is same as its petrol sister in all aspects except it's engine, but hyundai's ASS and reliability so getting confused on to which one is a better buy to go for. With the prospective of keeping this car for atleast 5-to 7 years, lesser maintenance and spares which hyundai is ahead. Help me please

    CYRUS432009-07-15 07:51:38

  5. Thanks all' date=' once again for your comments.   Some quick updates:


    Delivery is due for Thursday in the morning (due to auspicious times!)


    Car will go straight to Ganesha temple & there after to the car accessory store for fitment of the music system & remote locking.   I have finalised the below configuration

    Head-unit Pioneer FH-P6050UB (11.5k)
    Front Component speakers Pioneer P1702C (6.5k)
    Rear 6*9 speakers Pioneer A953 (5.5k)
    Amplifier JBL644 / Pioneer (6k / 7.5k)
    Cabling Monster cabling (1.5k)



    And then on to the alloy wheel expert (Super Tyre Tec) for fitment of


    Alloy wheels Lenso Samurai 15" - 5 piece (26k)
    Tyres Michelin Primacy LC 195/60/R15 (24k)


    So, that's pretty much what I intend to add on to this gem of a car for this year at least!!


    Of course, I will post some pictures once all this is done, by weekend that is.



    congrats on your new buy mate, few things which i would want you to clarify is

    1. why is this price difference as my city i enquired getz crdi comes to 547000/- flat on road price and not other deals on offer not even mats.

    2. why are you choosing primary Lc instead of XM1 which i feel are better as compared to the ones u choose.


    The base version on the road costs a whopping Rs 8.6 lakhs in Bangalore.   I laughed out aloud when the sales person said that.


    And to top that, he was like Honda always thought of our safety & it comes standard with ABS & Airbags.   I told him to stop bull-sh*tting.   I told him, Honda only thought Indians needed to be safe 3 months ago (with the launch of it's new City).    The previous two generations of the Citys, no matter what top spec you purchased, did not even offer ABS & Airbags as an option.  He had no response to that!


    Anyway, getting back to the Jazz,  I was truly disappointed with the back seats as well.   They barely supported half my thighs when I sat there.     And then the sales guy was like, sir, this car comes with a 'CD' player (like it's some kind of a favour Honda is doing for it's Indian customers).   I asked him about USB, which is minimum now-a-days, and the anwer was a NO.  Great!

    And yes, for nearly 9 lakhs for a hatch & no alloys as well.  Hahahaha.


    And he was like, sir, you ONLY pay for the engine in a Honda.  Indians consider Honda to be premium cars.  That's bull-sh*t.   I think we Indians are smarter than Honda for sure.   We always give thumbs-up to the best car that offers an all-round value - includes engine, interiors, torque, efficiency, price etc.  and not just brnad recall.


    And the best part is, if Hyundai launches the i20 CRDi with a price tag of Rs 8.2 lakhs (on the road for the top spec), then the Koreans are going to kick some arrogant Japanese a*s for sure!


    absolutely thats even what i heard from the sales person when i went to look at jazz and then for its TD.

  7. when i went to the showroomto check out ritz, i was told that swift diesel is available within 10 to 12 days and dzire is available within 20-25 days, is it ritz effect or another maruti tactics, as far as ritz is concerned i liked two things in it one was the quality of plastics which is by far best in maruti offered, another is its  retro styled rear looks which does gives you something different feel, but space is shorter to swift, 3 adults cant seat comfy on rear, tacho on dash is not appealing, over all a change to swifts around but doesnt feel that great too.

  8. what have heard is that ingress and outgress is much better then swift, which means that its nicely packed car to own, yes if you want a car for family go for ritz and for yourself go for swift, whats resulted to see is the options available in 4-6L price bracket from maruti is plenty.Rear thougth is a bit messy with looks else feels good with its finish, how were rattles handled as compared to other maruti vehicles any news on that cyrus??

  9. I would not worry. Just remember you will have to change the battery about once in 4-5 years. This is a far bigger one in diesels!

    I see no issues with intermittent use of a modern diesel engine. What you had heard was possibly true of the old IDI diesels with mechanical injection' date=' etc. etc. You can go and get an Innova Diesel. have no fears on the account of maintenance due to no so frequent use.

    A modern common rail or PD diesel is as reliable and trouble free as a petrol!


    absolutely, those were the days with old idi diesel engines which used to niggle around and had lots of complains, but with new tech on diesel engines of common rail engines are very reliable and trouble free as petrol, would suggest you to go for diesel innova whch also allows you to have its safety features which petrol model is not equipped with.