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  1. fiat should be worship the grande punto and 500 cause these cars saved fiat from bankruptcy !!!!


    sorry to say but its not their cars who saved them but the modern tech diesel engines which rescued them going bankruptcy, yes what now to look at is their upcoming models which might grow them further up on positives along with better ASS.

  2. hari, welcome to autocarindia. Between your shortlisted cars, i would suggest you to go for getz gvs, spacious, better built, good power,decent mileage, good ASS, spares availability and overall is a good package, if you can exceed your budget, you can look at new i20 base model too.

  3. anjan, congrats on your scorpio's buy, looking forward to hear more from you after its delivered, yes the SLE and LX does seems confusing with that difference, but i feel side cladding is important in this suv and also you would get ABS in SLE version, as have heard that after market fitting is not good, and this huge monster is better equipped with abs.Keep updating.

  4. Guys its not about affordibility,reliability, with all due respect to Mr. Ratan Tata for giving the whole world what he dreamed and promised for, yes with prices increasing and so is the on road price, but if one can agree that its been history with TATA that after its initial launch of products like R&D with first batch of customers much improved model is launched so guess second phase of Nano would be worth waiting like its Europa version.Still cheers for Tata to give people's car.

    Also to add that the europe version comes for around 2.3 to 2.5L in indian market, still it would sell hot.Also to see is its crdi engine on which bosch is working on.
    thackervijay2009-03-27 10:20:18