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  1. Om, as other fellow members suggested you, initial hesitation is natural, dont worry onthat,  a driver if you want or a friend,relative would be helpful if you take them along your drives, and more driving would let you get confidence and ease.New car is always a better choice and quite good options available, what do you want a hatchback or sedan decide it, hatchbacks you have getz,uv-a,santro and i10.Sedans you have dzire petrol,accent,ikon, aveo.Get down to showrooms,test drive them and decide which one suits your needs and bill.CHEERS!!

  2. Dont worry. Start stop or crawling traffic conditions' date=' driving in low gears or with a heavily loaded car sometimes give such low milage in all cars. It is more noticable to you, as you can see the FE on the MID (multi info display).


    Try to upshift earlier and drive with a light foot. FE will also increase after 1st service. Dont listen to others who say FIAT makes bad engines. But remember FIAT makes heavy cars so you cant expect FE like M800.


    Other users in other forums have reported getting about 10 kmpl in City.



    yup agree to you, there are other users who regularly get around 10-11 in city conditions, and lot more depends on your driving style, wait till you get its first service done, FE would improve.

  3. after the details given by FRG, prices on road would be higher then 1L for base nano, so its just not 1L to be paid and top end costs around 1.9L on road which is 800 teretory, also its been history with tata vehicles which improves once its first lot of that vehicle is delivered and sooner expect a better improved model is launched so for me not now.

  4. gr8 review FRG, you did it again and knew you are coming with this one. Kudos to tata to finally keeping their words and getting out people's car in reality,though with the hype created and waiting might be outbroken to swifts,dzires now, still i would love to wait and see with more improvements added in it and then think to get one as is the history with TATA vehicles where first new vehicles always gets some additions,improvements after feedbacks then rolls out better and perfect versions.But hatts off to Mr.Ratan Tata.

  5. uva is a good decent hatchback with discounts and maintenance package from GM making more worth buying ,but it doesnt sell well in market as well as its resales,but if your ownership is going to be more then 6-7 years go for it.Just havent heard the problems after that package,how much does one require to pay for maintaining it along with its spare parts prices, so check with some owner if you know.

  6. go for diesel vista,though is outside your budget but is a good package from tata and they have improved over the years and new quadrajet engine wont give you any trouble,maintenance.If you want to stick to your budget then you wont get diesel hatchbacks and go for petrol options and if you like swift surely you can buy its petrol one,but your driving fulfills diesel engine.

  7. it is surprising that getz which has not been seling well' date=' still has a waiting period of 1 month plus there are no discounts on it..

    please throw some light on it

    as the delivery's taking time for getz is cause of its productions not in full throat and usually things are on demand,but there are some discounts on getz.