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  1. yeah me too read in newspaper today morning TOI stating central govt.'s gift of diwali to public. lets c what new price they offer now..
  2. oh man gr8 work again vibhor really bently one just **** i mean they can go to this far to campaign.. but my choices are safari as all suggested and pulsar mania with those stunts performed..
  3. yeah speed was gonna say the same programmes as u mentioned above. but over all Top Speed , Overdrive are among the favourites.
  4. new yr is lookin for FE and Emissions. Better built with latest technology with engines. gr8 looks with mouth watering price tags thats what the new yr is lookin for....
  5. well guys what i've noticed that this trick wth this price tag has worked for hyundai a dealer told me yesterday that he got enquired for this new version and almost finalised 3 deals. Entry sedan as ppl would want to opt for. Not a bad choice to go for this price tag.
  6. oh no leather seats but i guess there is tilt stearing right BS
  7. is it bugatti noir BSthackervijay2008-10-21 07:45:29
  8. yes with the price hyundai is offering is a good package with leather seats, keyless entry, leather knob and all.
  9. hello anuj, congratulations for ur new alto! now is ur budget of 10000/- for music system or for all the things u mentioned below.
  10. t the prices shown are 499882/- cng kit for 59,900/-
  11. hey guys saw a new add on air yesterday that hyundai launched new accent executive. do any one have details,pictures to share abt this.thackervijay2008-10-21 06:24:21
  12. u are welcome Amipoal, do share with us which car u finalised and ur experience with it. cheers!!
  13. hey nice review Archit. and yes civic no comparisions. post some pics of ur civic buddy!
  14. hey dipendra, congrats mate. yes as anjan said ur the first one who have got delivery of this fz16. post some of ur bike's pics and review. cheers!!
  15. yes krace what u've mentioned is right. let us wait and c how does this new indica vista stands in the market then.overall its a good product compared to its old versions.
  16. 8lac for a hatch isnt too pricy i mean yes its a brand honda but then this price fetch u a sedan but may be now a days people r opting for premium hatchbacks and with honda yes it might be one more winner!! jazz!!
  17. yeah DD actually dont c much ppl intrested in buying current UV-A rather i've noticed people opting for hyundai getz to this car. and those minor face lifts wont make any difference in getttin buyers for GM.
  18. yes many people have cars which taxi operators too ow and run their business as far as its a good product worth buying definately one would opt for it. But sometimes it distracts one too knowing or ceeing his same car parked like a friend owned toyota qualis and he often had to park his car next to another qualis with taxi reg. and sign or even an ambulance..
  19. previously owned maruti 800,HH Splendour currently tata indica with dad, tvs apache, honda eterno,kinetic honda. planning to by for myself in 1st quater of 09 a hatchback.
  20. well yes bs thats what we all are sharing our personal thoughts for a brand or product.
  21. yes bs that very true companies do market their product by telling they wont sell their cars in taxi passing and then after a period all the same.