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  1. sure int cars should also be included but with some better clues to guess
  2. is that a sure news yamaha that uva wont get mjd , i am really expecting it on these model may be later in 09 but ill vote for mjd on uva as hatchbacks r selling more and diesel in demand with this new tech engine..
  3. oh sorry if i repeated one BS and yes i think we should add 2 wheelers in this so shall i start..
  4. @ vibhor & BS well we must remember maruti 800 was the first car frm maruti which made revolution in indian car industry and was the most successful and of the long running car in our country and is still selling. so cheers to 800!!
  5. hey vibhor can we include two wheelers on this thread or start a new one
  6. may be all are waiting for GM to launch UV-A with MJD engine which will be a gr8 news and good wide range for diesel buyers in hatchbacks.
  7. gr8 pictures raj yes we have all these cars on pipeline out of which new honda city is already here.
  8. vista definately. new looks with gr8 interiors more space fully featured car with same fiat's engine and a new car in market.
  9. yeah looks a good car else wait till its launch to find out more but they have to price it good too.
  10. yes electric and also with those details picture shown by u mate all black alloys and engine with new stickers its already on sales.
  11. Amipoal welcome to this forum, by ur detailed query u may find out few similar threads that might help u. and as by our member vibhor suggested i10 is a good car and will suit ur needs. its topping charts in its segment and a new car frm hyundai. cheers!
  12. yeah yamaha this one's lookin cool and the wheel arch man looks damn cool and nice blue colour
  13. yes vibhor and sorry for the double post
  14. and vtec guy do u think honds's goin to sell this car if brought here with the price tag of santro's and wagon r..
  15. oops its together sorry ill post again.. _ A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I _ _ A _ _ _ I _ _ _ _
  16. how about this _A____ ___I__ __A__ _I____
  17. may be right in that way but my personal view says i would have definately thought to go for that new version of UV-A which we expect will be launched in 09 rather then this minor adds and lifts.
  18. vibhor there is a new sedan on vista's plattform with MJD but dont think it would be out before mid'09 or may be later then that.
  19. @ VIVEK mjd is fiat's multijet diesel engine which is doin wonders on swift diesel and now on indica vista. its new tec and more refined engine.
  20. but then how will company justify their two rollouts for the same car mate why would one buy this car knowing that there's another uva on cards coming around.
  21. with the choices given swift is ahead buddy!