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  1. but they already rolled out face lift version of it right now and would they bring out another version that soon vibhor i dont think so.
  2. akj well honda jazz wont be coming to india before first quater of 09 and yes as vibhor said they might design other car for 1000 cc for indian marker and not this. this looks crap.
  3. but these new super splendour and passion plus are already on sales by HH frm few mnths back now yamaha.
  4. yeah but buddy they r now into their new plant in sanand and working on it. may be after the production gets on and meets demand then may be tata might roll out airbag version too.
  5. maruti 800 for me! though its old and decade old but is still popular amont the owners and still goin on. nano may be only after its being tested and on ground and tested. but for now 800 anytime.
  6. yeah 800 surely is a clear winner. lets c how does nano stand by next year in that terms and quality.
  7. yeas designer ride will be b breakind and also a crowd puller. but its a piece of art.
  8. the car looks damn good and so is its interiors with that silver straps on dash. any more pics of its interiors guys..
  9. new innovative design and technology shown here. gr8 work again vibhor. looks good on that car but not on the bike.
  10. which new variants yamaha any more news and pics that u can share it buddy. and the specifications with details would be gr8.
  11. yeah HH is goin ahead then bajaj. i think they will have to look for its quality and market strategy. they should work on their quality rather then shedding out new models in old bikes like now new platina discovers and pulsars..
  12. yeah thisisviraj this looks damn ugly hope they dont come up with this kinda wagon looks..
  13. if space is what ur lookin for then hyundai's getz is a good choice to uva as its hyundai which has among the best service stations around our country and is a good car too. dont know abt the costs after 3 yr programme frm GM. or if u can wait there are new launches by maruti and hyundai wait for them.
  14. hello doc, welcome to this forum if u can wait for new launches then hyundai's i20 suits ur requirement perfectly. even getz is a very good car to look for.
  15. if u want to opt for petrol car then i10,swift, getz makes a better choice then vista i would say even new ikon is being heard will launch so better wait for that. vista if u want to buy diesel.
  16. no vtec guy there r few vista's running on my city atleast i'e noticed 4 o them now of which 1 this morning itself but yes the delivery is slow.
  17. with the choices given swift for me with its rocking fiat's MJD and rated best in its class. but the new indica vista should also be added in this list vibhor. in that case vista above swift.
  18. yeah dhiraj as yamaha said wait for A star to be launched this diwali by maruti. and then make ur decision. or else i10 is good too.
  19. congressmen trying to create news by themselves. may be not able to accept Mr. Modi's decision worked that fast ot bring nano here. But not that big problem seems here. Work on the site already started by tata.
  20. honda city for me. or add 2 more in it and buy honda civic.
  21. hi dhiraj, welcome to this forum. well about the choices u gave, if u can stretch ur budget a bit then i10 is a better choice as wagon R and santro r on the list to phase out sooner or later. and i10 being best running vehicle in its class makes sense to go for. 2. Spark too is doin good and also GM is offering good package on its maintanence. so my suggetion i10.
  22. what ever but the whole hype for this new UV-A went down. with adds screening on televisions abt new uva this facelifts is nothing and i dont think will make any changes in their figures too. no where near i20 which i thought will compete with it.
  23. yeah DD with this new MJD in vista u wont know it passing by that its a diesel engine. but the delivery period is not fast yet and atleast 30-45 days is what i've heard... so is even swift diesel so lets c what do ppl opt for but new vista does appeal!!
  24. suv - Q7 lower suv - scorpio saloon - honda civic hatch - swift luxury - bmw 5 series