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  1. raj do u remember tata rolled out a new version of old indica as indicab. i guess thats what they r thinking of doin with this new vista also later in '09.
  2. yeah vibhor tata wont be launching its MJD soon on indigo. and dont think on CS too. may be a facelift on indigo sedan with this MJD. IF launched on CS i would definately luv to go for that car.
  3. hey ill like to join in too and also get it on orkut its easy and more used by ppl i guess .
  4. gr8 review vibhor. and u have well maintained ur car. and as all members said its a safe car then nano seems to be and a complete perfect city dirven car. keep postings!!! cheers!
  5. nizam if uve finalised to buy indigo cs then opt for dicor engine as is much refined and better then tdi.
  6. raj what ur saying is right but im not saying cause of the price factor it was the company's regional manager who told me that tata have assured that they wont sell this new indica to taxi owners or to one who wants to run tis vehicle as a taxi. SO i said if this actually works out then its a good news.
  7. hello zinam, if u need more boot then go for indigo cs or else new vista is a better choice as its on a completely new platform and is havin a new fiat's multijet engine which is more refined and better to dicor.
  8. hey congratulations murli. waiting for some pics posted by u..!!! cheers .
  9. one good thing i heard abt this new tata indica vista is that this one wont be sold as taxi's in india.
  10. i20 for me. gr8 looks and feels good price tag too as is frm hyundai and second would be jazz is priced along i20.
  11. gr8 job VTEC GUY! when can we expect this car in market any more news abt that...
  12. pavan hope u werent the guy who test drove dezire in manglore. and why u want to apply hand brakes at that speed. i mean infact u need to have the emergency numbers of ambulance if u do that.. this is what ull do after applying those brakes at that speed man... wake up mate.....
  13. hetmets does prevent u to get minimal injuries in head. A friend of mine was riding his bike with pillion rider and a truck rammed them. rider was not wearing helmet but the pillion was. Both fell and hit the dividers. RIder died on spot as his head hit it hardly and the pillion didnt got any injury in his head either then some scars and rough skin as his helmet broke into two peice but his head was saved. just a hard shake in his head but was alive. I would still suggest wear helmet and give peace to urself and ur family.
  14. well targeting urban and rural people to buy TATA"S NANO car, i think this move was taken by tata to choose SBI over other banks. it has maximum reachout in rural areas in india.
  15. yes yamaha original fitment AC in 800 have never heard any problem as mentioned by cc from anyone. may be aftermarket fitments didnt worked properly and faced that problem.
  16. hi murli, i20 diesel this yr dont think will be launched. so best hatch available today is swift and new indica vista.
  17. thankyou speed and yes better late than never.
  18. o man i thought wow this year full of new launches and chevy would have done gr8 if what we all r thinkin was being launched lets c when is the new UV-A is being launched in our market...
  19. so BS any news abt their models with abs and airbags to be launched..when r they goin to launch it
  20. do we see any changes in these pics vibhor i dont think its the same old uv-a i guess.
  21. my vote goes to unicorn definately . can u add fz16 in the list too??
  22. yahama are gettin serious for indian market with their new launches. newly launched fz16 is surely gr8 lookin bike and better then pulsars with very common now. i saw one fz16 black and boy was lookin damn cool.. will try to post some pics. but if could try new product surely ill vote for yamaha fz16
  23. aptsat mate if u can wait for few mnts then better have a look at hyundai's i20 which is to be launched in this yr end. would be VFM for sure.. else as members suggested skoda fabia for sure.
  24. yes vibhor it does looks like estate and may be what we c on our roads are tough muscular build looks suv so may be thats why xc90 feels like an estate or station wagon.but interiors r super cool.
  25. dream, but the dream car which all of us think of doesnt come with just dreaming abt it right and one has to plan out lots of things before buying one and finance is one of the main things to think abt and i dont think everyone lands up buying a car they dont like.