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  1. dream, mate abt maruti's a-star is ok but i20 would be out his budget and more than 5L.
  2. oh thanks a lot BS that was a gr8 share of ur experience with the vista. me too feel checking out this new indica and test drive it for sure...
  3. gr8 pics dd and cyrus. so even in india people take out this ideas to show their hard feelings for the car they brought. isnt it after a frustration that one goes to do this when no one hears u..
  4. thanks yamaha and bs yes if launched with beige dual tone interiors definately will boost up its sales in india. hope they price it correctly.
  5. but bs will this new avtaar of uv-a will launch with beidge dual interiors in india or same as aveo .
  6. hello people. this is vijay from ahmedabad. today i actually went to all the sections starting frm introductions to announcements and then to this so thought to be into. I own indica dls 2005 and tvs apache 2006. this is a great place for automobiles enthusiastic like me who gets perfect information on news and launches in this industry. very good members in here who share their knowledge of automobiles through this site. thankyou and keep postings.
  7. do we have any members who have test driven this new vista till date and share his thought and experience abt it and also if can say how does it perform along with swift with both having same engines.. want to hear some experience abt it.
  8. is this new UVA goin to compete with new i20 by hyundai.. both looks gr8 and feels premium hatches.
  9. hhi vippy as our members suggested you if u can wait for new launches by MS and HYUNDAI then better wait and have a look at them else i10 and swift are good options..
  10. hi devinder, welcome to this forum. both i10 and chevy spark are good cars. i10 leads its segment and a very good car and also spark giving some good offers and discounts. if spark appeals more to you then surely go for that. a friend brought spark fully loaded with free goodies frm chevy top end model around 4 L.
  11. lets all hope fiat india launches linea with well priced and around diwali. all are eager to hear from fiat india abt its new launch. and fiat people please also look out for ur back ups and services. their gr8 products are ruined by their poor strategy. i had one experience when tata's sales people were not even bothered to show some intrests in selling fiat's car....
  12. whats the use of waiting for honda's models to be launched rather HH should launch its new ZMA soon.
  13. nice topic to discuss anjan. My vote goes to 1st option fully covered like most of the bikes !
  14. nice information anjan. and yes ur right we all know and do look out to our car and driving but just needs to remind ourselves abt them...
  15. @ ruck dunno abt other cities but mumbai is surely replacing its taxi's to maruti's omni's.
  16. but still what sense does it makes by pulling hand brakes at that speed he surely was goin nuts thinkin abt formula1 or what.....
  17. gr8 pics and news vibhor i always wait for some new posts by you. nice to know abt this new bolero but graphics are a bit ok not that appealing.. lets hear abt its test drives and then can judge abt it....
  18. does anyone here have an idea then how does tata's DICOR and QUADRAJET engines differ to each other or r they same ones with diff names.. like wise indigo and its cs versions already have DICOR engines...
  19. very well said vibhor the topic actually moved away frm the actual one lol...
  20. well in Ahmedabad dealers says a waiting period of 30-45 days. have seen only two vista's on road till now one silver and one red.. may be prodution not in that motion..
  21. so then its into personal choice for one which appeals the most to them. but till now as per the members response swift gets more appreciation but vista can change tables anytime..lets watch and c how is the response of new indica.
  22. nice pictures Vibhor. lets hope yamaha gets these on ur roads by this festive season. nice funky scoos by yamaha
  23. gr8 manish hope to c some pics frm u soon here..
  24. so this does says that SWIFT is the drivers car all the way and nothin to beat it and VISTA comes if one needs more space.