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  1. confirm news for tata's nano project is now goin to be manufactured in Gujarat's Sanand.
  2. New Hyundai Coupe (Tiburon) coming to Frankfurt in '09 Posted Aug 11th 2008 2:58PM by Damon Lavrinc Filed under: Frankfurt Auto Show, Coupes, Euro, Hyundai Click above for a high-res gallery of the Hyundai Velostar concept. Hyundai's replacement for the Tiburon (aka the "Coupe" outside the U.S.) will make its official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next September. As expected, the new Coupe will be inspired by the Velostar concept that debuted in Seoul last year and will be built atop the Hyundai i30/Kia Forte's front-wheel-drive platform. Hyundai insiders suggest that the Coupe will be approximately the size of the last generation Toyota Celica, smaller than the upcoming Genesis Coupe, and will feature a shooting-brake body style. The new Coupe will go on sale abroad shortly after its unveiled in Frankfurt, and there's no word yet on when Hyundai will import the new two-door to the U.S. to replacing the aging Tiburon. Gallery: Hyundai Veloster Concept [source: 4Car]
  3. nice pics and info vibhor and DD i20 sure is a gr8 one to be launched in india but has to be rightly priced and launched as all other members said. lets c how does hyundai approach is to indian markets.. HYUNDAI ppl r u listening???
  4. now having 3 hatchbacks with the same fiat's multijet engines on indian road.. maruti suzuki swift tata indica vista fiat palio all these engines have been tuned differently in their respective models. my ratings goes like this... 1. SWIFT 2. INDICA VISTA 3. PALIO. PLEASE VOTE...
  5. good suggestion mate may be we could do an annual meeting like once a yr as a starting delhi in winters sounds good..laters all can have with diff cities. firstly lets met once in one city and know others.. Vijay. Ahmedabad.
  6. buddy i'll suggest u to go for tata indigo as he's already driven indica and is satisfied with tata's feedback. if u think indigo cs better opt for dicor engine which is more refined to tdi...
  7. had a article on today's newspaper regarding the government planning to opt for dual pricing of diesel fuels. which says that else then the railways and transports others will have to pay the other price which may differ upto Rs.22/- a litre....... what would all u friends say on this thought by the government???
  8. gr8 pics. and i agree more states should start this kind of rally in future. keep posting...
  9. gr8 pics akash. another spy here. keep posting buddy...
  10. turbo engine or new dicor engine is better in tata's cars. would really like to know the option one should go for if would like to buy a tata's car. tdi engine or dicor engine ??
  11. thanks guys for ur ideas and replies in this matter. helped me through this car..
  12. currently using indica dls so for now am thinking for swift diesel have heard the back seats of swift are bit cramped and for indica 3 adults were comfortably seated. so what u suggest for swift diesel???
  13. had already asked before for selecting a car and was very happy with all u guys help on which i was sure to buy getz but now am gettin confused between which fuel run car to buy ...
  14. hi guys, currently having indice dls for 3 years. i was intrested in buying another car and sell this one. was very much sure for getz1.3 as its a very solid and better product compared to swift. but now as the prices of fuels rising and will rise more as days go am confused wheter to buy a petrol car or a diesel run now doesnt exceed more to 20-30 kms per day but even maintenance costs almost gets same for both the fuel run cars. kindly suggest...
  15. no specific choice for petrol or diesel but after having indica dls want more refined and smooth driven car as my wife would also be driving this car.
  16. 4 to 5 adults. will be travelling 1200 to 1500 kms a budget is 5.5 lacs
  17. hey guys i m using tata indica for last 3 years. want to change it. i've shortlisted swift vxi/vdi, getz1.1/1.3. i've heard 1.1 is a underpower car so want a help to sort out my choice. was disappoint with refinment of tata indica dls i have. the new diesel swift is verysmooth and fun to drive. my main concerns is comfort, space and good overall package. swift i;ve heard is the best running car today petrol and diesel, while getz for its comfort, space and also next company successful after maruti is hyundai. so pl help.
  18. hey i want to buy a 150 cc bike. my areas to look for are comfort, mileage and easy to maintain. i've shortlisted pulsar, unicorn, hunk. no apache please. anyone help please??