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  1. hyundai i10 or hyundai getz,both having discounts and freebees on offer,test drive them and decide.CHEERS!!
  2. choose between swift D and vista D,both having same fiat's multijet engine, take test drives of these two and decide which suits your bill and need.CHEERS!!
  3. AHMEDABAD: From politicians to babus to cabbies, her buxom curves have charmed them all. Now, an event manager from Italy , the land of Fiat and Ferrari, has fallen head over heels for this ageing dream on wheels, which has been in production since 1957 and takes after the Morris Oxford model. Gian Rampoldi, 42, found the chubby looks of the former queen of Indian roads
  4. rajesh, if your monthly usage is more or around 1000kms think to opt for diesel engine or else stick to petrol, yes u-va is a good car from GM,spacious very silent engine and maintenance package from GM makes it a good buy.
  5. expect i20 with 1.4 crdi engine or even the same plant they have in verna/getz and also new 1.4 petrol engine as the company has got lots of feedback stating its underpower of its kappa engine, so by this year end you might see new engines options in i20.
  6. oh thats a good part to hear sujith, cause i have heard that before but was not sure about this,its bit inclined which gives bit more space and good thigh support,thanks for sharing and wish you more happy safe miles ahead,keep updating.CHEERS!! If you can try to add few pics of your car mate and of inteiors as well. thackervijay2009-03-21 09:50:42
  7. yash, suzuki has tried to give the best of pulsar and unicorn in their gsr150, gr8 looks resembling pulsar,comfort,handling,ride like unicorn, 6 speed grearbox, first in this segment,dual digi meter, new bike,though ASS is not that gr8 as compared to others but overall is a good package,test drive it once and decide,else you can go with unicorn,hunk,apache or pulsar, else yamaha FZ16,best in its lot so far.
  8. TG, also have a look at stunner from honda, is also a gr8 bike, but if its just the mileage you are looking at tvs flame also is a good bike to ride on which gives decent mileage around 60 plus,test drive shortlisted and decide.
  9. Expect new xcd to give you around 60kmpl, as company has tried to give more power without disturbing the FE,but though i havent driven it but have heard that company has somehow disturbed its handling, so take a test drive and then decide, also you can have a look at honda's CBF stunner.
  10. sparsh, this is not the new safari,but new mpv from TATA which is more likely tone known as indicruz, which is an addition to its vista's family.
  11. there's also news of its small 685L diesel crdi engine being tested and would be on roads test from april or its end with the technology being provided by bosch to tata,
  12. sujith,though logan is a good spacious car, i have heard that its maintenance is on the higher side as compared to others in this category, we have crazy cat member here who owns logan and has also shared his long term ownership of his car, go through it may help you deciding. here's the link if you may wish to go through: thackervijay2009-03-21 09:16:54
  13. shockwave, swift runs the battle here if rear space and boot space is not concerned but swift and vista both has fiat's multijet engines so its the matter of choice what one looks for. i20 comes with 1.2L kappa engine which is petrol and its diesel engine is yet to come.
  14. shockwave,indigo cs still runs with the older gen engines while new indica vista has fiat's multijet engine which tata has called its quadrajet,more refined,FE and better to drive with loads of space available in indica, if boot isnt your requirement you can go for indica vista quadrajet.
  15. sujith, cng is an optional which is available on order and costs around 70K more on its price, accent prices around 5.8K on road with cng kit fitted,check out at dealers nearby yours.
  16. DTC, there are many more vintage classics across rajasthan mate, agree to you while looking at those cars definately one just strucks to its beauty, though it would be gr8 if you can post its pic if you have one.
  17. Prab,nice choice and colour too,post pics and your experience with dealer.
  18. raju, you can have a look at newly launched mahindra xylo which also justifies your requirement, new car with empty of space and the same crde Meagle engine which is refined too.
  19. rajesh, welcome to autocarindia, with your kind usage forget diesel, within petrol options i would suggest you to have alook at i10with 1.2 kappa engine though is over ur budget but way ahead in tech with newer norms getting applicable sooner its a wise decision to go for that. Also to be considered is chevy spark, very good refined engine with good freebies and maintenance package from GM,check out these cars,test drive them and decide.CHEERS!
  20. aman mehta as frg said please go through buyers section where all details related tyres are given, hope its useful for your query.CHEERS!!
  21. gr8 work FRG, very much helpful for buyers and must go through before posting queries, still some cars are missing from the list and some of them are not showing in bold letters,please do the needful.CHEERS!!
  22. oh so now tata has tied up with good numbers of nationalised bank which further would be doing financial need for customers, again good move by tata.
  23. please dont create rumours which are just faked by a so called dealer to clear up his stock or what ever, why would a company stop production of its best selling cars in market.
  24. this seems to be indicruz if its not new safari BS, quite similar to its europe spy pics.
  25. cool work BS, best of the lot is cnbc tv breaking them coming