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  1. anijog, cool pics and abt the storage space you said can we have a look of that thing you did with its pics which would be easy to understand.
  2. good one buddy, nice long review you shared, many of us have those stories on premier which has travelled across nations without much of an problems, and yes there are good people around to help one out, also a good lesson to learn.
  3. congrats on your buy, wont regret that for sure.Keep updating.
  4. mail, go for honda anyday,tried and tested in all conditions and is still doing gr8 as anjan shared.Only other i could remember was kinetic honda which was doing wonders for buyers after which honda came and took over that market with its activa and now aviator,aviator is positioned higher to activa, so test drive both and decide.
  5. good topic speed, this helps buyers to get the best out of available,but basics remains the budget,type of running,engine options after which one decides to which car to buy,hatch or sedan,sedan of muv.
  6. if you can wait,let i20 diesel arrive, else stretch your budget and get verna crdi which is a good package.
  7. anky, with that usage go for NHC anyday, diesel is not in your range.Long term ownership would be justified with honda city with its class engine and quality,though priced more with less features still makes it a good buy.
  8. sujith,nice review man, surely maruti with diesel DDis from fiat is a successful marriage and doing wonders for the company, how would you rate its rear seats which a bit reclined towards back side which gives a bit of more space on rear seats as compared to swift.
  9. good review FRG, agree that nothing to beat safari in its segment with that price on offer,yes few rattles and niggles with tata comes within its package if you buy one,afterall isnt that expensive as one does feel it would be,look to see montero with you one day buddy!!
  10. its just the minor facelifts and nothing major change in new swift as seen in those pics,rear seats still seems to be same as now.
  11. surendiran, tdi engine is the older gen engine from tata, i would suggest you to book quadrajet base model, its refined multijet from fiat,gens ahead then its tdi engine, i can guarantee you wont regret your extra amount spend on quadrajet.
  12. lovemycar, well petrol dzire is a good car from maruti but it does lack on highways with lesser FE, else is a good package in that price bracket.Around 50km per day can also justify diesel option for you which DDiS from maruti in dzire and swift are superb to run and own,good FE and doesnot make one's ownership bad with latest diesel engine.CHEERS!!
  13. karan, congrats buddy on your new buy, yes nothing freebies on offer from honda,but still if you can stretch that budget its always a peace of mind to own honda,engines are so refined and good long term ownership,though new honda city overpriced with few features still is a good to buy,keep updating.
  14. ram, please mention which yr sx4 are you getting with that price, if the choice is between this two its sx4 anyday,if you can try buying a new one which has huge discounts on offer from dealers.
  15. there are still people wanting to see mahindra classic l340, i've driven once of a friends and man what a gr8 feeling that was to drive which just went with ease on his farm, didnt understood the reason of mahindra of taking it back from market.Red and Black classic looked damn cool,
  16. panel gaps and finish looks good for this tata's new suv, yes BS chrome does looks cool rather then this grey one.
  17. Tata Nano will come in a total of three variants: Base, mid level CX and top end LX The car meets all the safety criteria as per Indian standards and will be able to seat 4 people comfortably. Engine Technical Specifications: Rear Mounted All Aluminium MPFI EMS(Electronic Engine Management System): 32Bit Microprocessor with ?gblink code mechanism?h for easy repairs Displacement: 624CC, Petrol with Single Balancer Shaft Drivetrain: Rear mounted engine, rear wheel drive No. of Cylinders: In-line 2 Cylinders Valve Gear: 2 Valves per cylinder, 4 valves in Total Maximum Power: 35 bhp @ 5500 rpm Maximum Torque: 4.8 kgm @ 3000 rpm Compression Ratio: 9.7:1 Power to weight ratio: 58.3 bhp/tonne Safety: Standard Tubeless Tyres Fuel cut-off in case of collision. Fuel Cut-off @ 5600 rpm in any gear or @ 105 kph Performance: 0-60 kph - 8 Seconds (Est.) Top Speed: 105 (Limited) Transmission: Gearbox: Cable Operated, 4 Forward Gears, 1 Reverse, All forward gears synchronised Gear Ratios: 1st: 3.45 (Recommended Shift @ upto 10 kmph) 2nd: 1.95 (Recommended Shift between 20-30 kmph) 3rd: 1.26 (Recommended Shift between 30-50 kmph) 4th: 0.838 (Recommended Shift between 50-70 kmph) Reverse: 3.08 Suspension Front: Independent McPherson Struts shock absorbers Rear: Semi Trailing Arm. coil spring with gas filled shock absorbers Brakes Front: 180mm Drums Rear: 180 mm Drums Wheels and Tyres Wheel Size: 12?? inch Front Tyre Size: 135/70 R12 Tubeless Rear Tyre Size: 155/65 T12 Tubeless Spare Tyre Size: 135/70 R12 Recommended Tyre Pressure: 26 PSi (Front), 28 PSi (Rear) Dimensions and Weight Length: 3099 mm Width: 1495 mm Height: 1620 mm Wheelbase: 2230 mm Ground Clearance: 180 mm Kerb Weight: 600 Kg Fuel Tank Capacity: 15 Litres Fuel Consumption: 23.6 Kmpl (Est.) Battery: Semi Sealed placed under the Driver Seat Boot Capacity: 80 Litres, 500 Litres (with rear seats folded) Features: Nano Base: Seat Belts: ELR Front, Static Rear Engine opening through rear bumper Speedometer and Odometer High mounted Rear Stop lamp Centrally placed exhaust Only Driver seat adjust-sliding and reclining Fixed front passenger seat Folding Rear Seats 2-Spoke Steering wheel Grey bumpers and interiors Driver side Outside rear view mirror Tata Nano CX (Along with the features of Base Nano Adds the following) HVAC (Air conditioner with heater) Tinted Glasses Driver and Co-driver seats with slide and recline adjust 2 tone grey interiors and seats Optional Metallic paint. Tata Nano LX (Along with the features of Base CX Adds the following) Tripmeter Front Power windows Central Locking Front and Rear fog lamps 3-Spoke Steering wheel Moulded door trim with fabric inserts Floor console with glass holder Anti-Glare inside rear view mirror Sunvisors on both sides Warranty 18 Months or 24,000 kms whichever is earlier Service Intervals Ist Free Service: 1000 kms or 1 month whichever is earlier 2nd Free Service: 5000 kms or 6 month whichever is earlier 3rd Free Service: 10000 kms or 12 months whichever is earlier Every subsequent service after 10,000 kms Color Choices Nano Base: Bright Red, Ivory White, Summer Blue Nano CX: Bright Red, Ivory White, Summer Blue, Champagne Gold, Lunar Silver Nano LX: Champagne Gold, Lunar Silver, Sunshine Silver Booking Date: 2nd Week of April, Forms will be available 7 Days before the booking date is announced, available only for 14 Days. Forms Availability: State Bank Of India (Selected Branches), Westside and Croma Stores, 400 Tata Dealers all over the country Cost of forms: Rs 200-300 (One form per customer) Booking Amount: 70% of the price Allotment: Random number lottery Source:
  18. BS,no way is TATA going to launch indigo around april as bookings for nano would start so it would be around may mid or end or even after that so that the hype and rush for nano would be voided and doesnt overshadow indigo's launch.
  19. MS is launching a-star and ritz with 1.3 DDIS engine same as swift but tuned differently for both of these cars, and astar diesel would be for exports for now and later in indian market, same with ritz.
  20. if its for petrol for me its i10,swift,astar and vista if its for diesel for me its swift,vista
  21. good to see this from hyundai, getting high hyundai, keep going more.
  22. hey nice to hear that ankit, why dont your share your experience with your family's UV-A ownership, pros and cons of the car which would really help other buyers to opt one after hearing from its owner.
  23. FRG, fortunate enough and phew what an experience you had. Really this one does help out others too while driving out. Does remember one incident i had while going to drop some family members at airport at 4.30am with hardly slept by last few days with wedding in family and while in between my journey towards airport i could see my eyes getting closed, with a truck getting passed by me is a flash which opened my eyes, whoa just got my car parked left side of the road, asked a cousin to get on the wheels and let myself on the rear seat, but yes definately worth learning from your experience frg, fatigue kills.
  24. hey FRG, still waiting to see that lounge pics mate, where are they???