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  1. DT, nice review and good that you still remember your good old journey, but i guess now all members here are waiting to see some pics of your classis beauty, so common man post some of her.
  2. whoa, what a monster this one is, wonder how would one feel driving this one with small auto's,marutis and hyundais moving around you. WOW. Nice pics cyrus.
  3. hey BS, any idea how many RR does they own, one across nation or couple of them, have seen once in my city with their store was innaugrated.
  4. anky, whats your monthly running, as both of these cars are good but verna if you want to opt diesel engine, else NHC without doubt, best in its class with best resale value of brand honda.
  5. but slowly linea has started getting in market share with people really buying it, with some help from tata dealers who does selling along with its services, yes there are speculations regarding its ASS, but fiat this time has been trying to be smart and not letting their vehicle owners face those tough time they did earlier.But still few months down the lane and real picture would be known.
  6. while checking it out under the bonnet, there's plate fixed which reads out on its engine no,chasis no,manufacturing date and year along with engine details, still confirm this with experts.
  7. check out uva,swift and getz in their showrooms, take their test drives and choose which one suits your bill and requirement, swift lacks in rear seat comfort and boot space, if you can live with it, good overall package, else select from uva and getz.
  8. good news for hyundai and also for i10, as its still sellling in good numbers and amongst the best small hatch in our country in its segment, maruti has long way to go for its a-star, i20 i dont think would see such figures as domestic is slowing down and also its exports has hit by recession, so wait and watch.
  9. nice text FRG, more to hear along with your beemer traveller lounge you had.
  10. The Essar group got this car to add their mobile store brand The Mobile Store across nation, and CC this is not photoshop but in real.
  11. surendiran, vista diesel would be way higher then your price range, if you want to go for diesel, yes QDJ from tata is a gr8 package, else would suggest you to have a look at santro before deciding.
  12. Yes MS is working on its diesel engine plant to push up their demand of diesel cars in indian as well as overseas market.Shekhar can you share more info of your visit mate.
  13. Honda clarified that the price difference between the exchange rates have been up cause of which they had to take this move which made their models more costly ranging from 30K to to almost 2L.
  14. aseem, well hub caps are likely to cover only 4 to 5 inch of your tyres as compared to full wheel caps which would cover your entire wheel, if this can clarify you more on that.
  15. well guys the pics posted are the photoshop image done which new indigo would look alike and not the ones of the real, more or less it would be the same, wait till one gets the real ones.
  16. Geneva 2009: Bodacious Tatas - Indian automaker debuts Nano Europa Uttering the word "Europa" should spark memories of the funky and fragile Lotus of the '60s and '70s, or perhaps the British sportscar company's more recent revival. What one normally doesn't tend to think of is the Tata Nano. That may change, however, as the discount Indian auto is slated to come to The Continent wearing the Nano Europa badge, and it will arrive with more standard equipment and a higher base price than the target $2,500 USD it will sell for in India. Judging from the production-ready models debuting at the Geneva Motor Show this week, it will also be the best-looking Nano in the family. While the naming usage may have Colin Chapman rolling in his minimalist coffin, the Nano Europa still shares a few similarities, including a low curb weight, small wheels at the corners, small engines with unusual placements, and so on. The Europa differs significantly from the standard Nano with a longer 2.28-meter wheelbase (90 inches, or about 7.5 inches longer), a different drivetrain and added standard equipment. In fact, the Europa offers a raft of high-end new-to-Nano features like four-lug 14-inch alloy wheels, electric power steering, LED lighting (unlikely to see production) and even a standard passenger-side mirror. Did we mention it even has an all-aluminum three-cylinder engine and a five-speed transmission for less-dangerous highway cruising? All joking aside, the Europa also figures to get more safety features, including stability control and anti-lock brakes, and Tata says the car will adhere to all necessary safety regulations before it goes on sale. While pricing has not been announced, there is talk of hitting the 5,000 Euro bogey (around $6350 USD) when the car launches for 2011, and if the company can hit that target price, we suspect there will be far more Tata Europas extant than Lotus Europas in just a few months' worth of production. High-res gallery of both yellow and silver Europas below, official press release after the jump.
  17. It's called ingenuity, and it's given us such things as the cell phone and the Rolls-Royce Phantom. So why not combine the two to create a cell phone store in the back of a Rolls-Royce Phantom? That's evidently what some well-heeled entrepreneurs in India did, purchasing a Phantom instead of a brick-and-mortar storefront, painting it up, and traveling the hillsides hawking mobile phones. It got caught in this regrettable pose - with rocks bracing its tires, because after getting a flat tire, the provincial tire shop had no idea how to fix it. But back to the ingenuity, mad props to the folks who came up with this: more attention-getting than Aishyarwa Rai, more convenient than Domino's Pizza, and more comfortable than... a real store. The world is an amazing place, no? source:autoblog
  18. Mercedes-Benz India, today formally inaugurated its new manufacturing plant in Chakan, Pune. The new facility was completed within 13 months from the start of construction -- among the fastest green-field projects to be created. With an area of 100 acres of land and independent assembly facilities for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, the infrastructure was created to address future expansion needs, underscoring the long-term growth plans of the company in India . Mercedes-Benz Inaugurates New Manufacturing Plant in Pune ? 100 Acres of land, capacity for future expansion ? Among the fastest green-field operations ever to be created ? State-of-the-art facility ? Independent facilities for passenger cars and commercial vehicles ? Flexible manufacturing processes will allow producing other Mercedes-Benz products on the same assembly line In The Pic : Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Chairman of the Board, Dr. Wilfried Aulbur, Managing Director and CEO, Prof. Dr. Eberhard Haller, Member of the Board at the new facility of Mercedes-Benz India . Photos: - Main/administration block in three different light condition. - Customer center (from where the press meet was organised) + Training center block - Canteen & Medical center block - Replica of Benz Patent Car displayed on the main lobby - Some vintage & classic collection from a famous collectors Mr. Subash B Sanas & Mr.Poonawalla and Tata Motors (the old Tata-Benz trucks). - On display sturdy Actros, new luxury coach, S, CLS63 AMG, CLKs, E63 AMG, SLKs, MLs, etc. at the front yard & near Customer Center - Production Hall MBC - on production was C-class. - Production Hall CV some more from the plant source: theautomotiveindia.
  19. DD may be with super charger turbo six speed mini fan
  20. can you shed more lights on this as how this one is better to spend then pete's whats the performance change you noticed which is significant to justify.
  21. darxide, even i felt the same when i saw this pics and posted, also check out those steel caps fitted on swift likes of fiat padmini types, such a weird mod done on this.
  22. tata's petrol cars is something not recommended as they are good with their diesel engines, i would suggest you to check out with dzire petrol, its a good car with good features available,though accent is available with one model, still good features are given by company alongwith, looks good too, test drive them and decide on your buy.CHEERS!!!
  23. have you got your door handles coloured too like your orvm's?? and where are the pics buddy??
  24. around diwali or may be before that.spearhead..
  25. yeah, but seems what nimesh clarified with that his younger brother was saying those things on his id, and that was the reason of that blunders of him getting banned, also heard that GP would be launched only with two colours as of now and later on other colours would be added, with pearl white and azure blue.