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  1. vikas, sorry to hear your experience with ford, are they still the same regarding their behaviour and parts, i mean compared to when you purchased and now after its more then 30K run, do share it as it would help other buyers opting for ford products.
  2. vgs, i believe hyundai still have 6 to 7 colours for getz to choose from.Atleast their official website shows that.
  3. well Mr.Reddy its not about making scene, you can ask for discounts offered after you booked, which normally doesnt apply, but some phonecalls or meeting head persons would make you avail that announced discounts on your buy.
  4. swiftvxi, congrats on your new buy, ikon indeed has been a gr8 car with its super diesel engine which is efficient and easy to drive with that price range, would advice you to take the delivery by urself from the dealer with few checklists which needs to be checked,have a safe ride and keep updating.
  5. wow what a classic view of those beauties anjan, thanks for sharing their pics buddy, they are simply superb and very well maintained.
  6. saw two indica's with roof rails one each on this indica's ,silver one having right side rail and white one having left rail fitted along, seems financial crisis didnt allowed to fit the set of rails on each.., also couple of cars with front alloys and rear steel rims which are weird to see.
  7. shrinath, go for petrol swift with your usage, and if you can wait maruti is getting its new 1.2L engine for swift from its current 1.3L engine, else if not go for vxi/zxi one. .
  8. well amit, with your requirement, you can also have a look at hyundai accent executive which comes below 5L range, good boot space,comfortable and Hyundai ASS which are good too, also you can look at dzire petrol too.
  9. good news vibs, expect this diesel version to be between 6L to 7L range as already its petrol variants of top two Asta and Asta O ranges between 6.4 and 6.7L so atleast 30K more for diesel ones i guess.
  10. how about dzire petrol from MS then, VFM, has boot space and fun to drive too, also to be checked are accent which comes with a gr8 pricing.
  11. yeah MS is in talks with fiat to get their higher diesel engine, 1.9 for its sx4 which would do wonders for MS.
  12. ritz, is going to be placed between swift as i already said in earlier post, with the same DDIs engine and petrol 1.2L new engine to be placed like swift in this car, europe version has airbags and abs on its top end model, so we might be able to get that as option but nothing confirm in this though, plastics quality is to be superior to its all existing models on this ritz.
  13. so guys you all say ford is cheaper to maintain, their spares and services are high, how abt verna or sx4, if budget permits go for honda city gxi best of the lot, though new honda city is out, still this one will serve you good, else go from maruti or hyundai.
  14. brake discs to be changed at 30000..thats going to be a costly maintanance buddy, werent there other options available for you while buying this car, as you must have thought before going for this as it was said and tested with it has a gem of engine but ride is not that good.
  15. well dtandon, its just not mahindra to look out for logan, its ranault and mahindra to finalise things, as not only just the price but its initial service charges,spares everything are on the higher side which is not easy to maintain.
  16. Thats the model showcased at geneva auto show, which the headlamps might be for the export models and not for our market, but looks cool.
  17. whats to look at is its hybrid nano, which would be environment friendly along with effiient with fuel bills.
  18. Darxide,Adhip, nice pics and well maintained car.
  19. Well yes Ashish you are right and vijay Magna is base variant and my friend got it booked at 5.43lacs OTR thats why i was confident.. oops sorry guys my mistake , mistook the model names yes its magna the base model and Asta followed by Asta O top end.
  20. Also this might be launched with same saffire petrol engine and diesel quadrajet engine as it does on indica vista.
  21. this was arleady in news as said by Mr. Ratan Tata, after the showcasing of nano in auto expo, that after the launch of petrol version of nano, company is looking to plan out its diesel variant along with battery operated nano's too, around 2010.
  22. no confirmation with the new version vibs, but yes older ones were sold with CNG kits.