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  1. wow, 30L for best selling luxury suv from honda is not a good move by the company if this news are true, and surely CR-V is going to see big competition if prices are raised to this.
  2. well maruti is going to sell RITZ placed between wagon R and swift, which is better roomier then wagon r but smaller in width to swift, hope they put this one against wagon R and replace it.
  3. sujith, well try dicor indigo cs, which is a common rail engine, better,silent and efficient as compared to your old indica. Used logan is something i wont recommend as unless its of someone known yes one can think of going for it but diesel engines are better to opt for new car, indigo cs dicor,ls or lx your choice, now comes with new interiors.CHEERS!!!
  4. if you want to change those pillars, dont colour them instead as FRG said and as i have done it in my indica, you would be able to find those black matt finish tapes which are durable too at accessories,stickers-numberplate shop.Also alloys would look good but i still love the simple original looks of 800.,
  5. the biker can you specify your requirements from your purchase, else then the choices u narrowed in, if comfort and mileage is concerned, unicorn in 150CC and stunner in 125/135 cc segment. No to bajaj bikes as they are same old engines with new body and nothing new.
  6. wait for new entry of ritz from maruti, all you would get a change from swift, still it rules the market without doubt.
  7. hey vibs, stick to your black bumpers as after few months it would look bad, else you can paint the door handles and orvm's.
  8. wow the larger pics are gr8 to view, thanks rajeev for updating.
  9. shravan, yes fabia is more spacious then dzire, but overall dzire is a better choice to opt for as also fiat's multijet is also much better then fabia's diesel engine.
  10. so rugs u've booked one for urself then mate????
  11. oh check out that condense matt, or something like that called, which is fitted with the a/c, sometimes that does smell that bad, check out with the service station,or at a/c repair centre for cars, they will figure it out easily whats this.
  12. yeah can u specify exactly what kind of smell is that coming out of ur a/c vents, as is this kind of the smells u feel from our regular a/c at homes and offices sometimes or something different.
  13. or also you can check out with the dealer himself if he can get this things done in your alto, as vibhor said not sure about voiding your warranty, so do confirm with other dealer too.
  14. VFM,performance and maintenance, its maruti all the way, go for swift dzire which is better as compared to skoda, which is higher on maintenance and performance as compared to maruti, plus its resale value is also going to be lesser from maruti.CHEERS!!!
  15. ceat used to run on passenger vehicles long time, as of now this market is taken by bridgestone,appolo and jk tyres, but good move by ceat. thanks for the info vibs.
  16. arshjot, well how about sharing your requirements, ur driving usage ie,city-highways, which is easy to let u know. Overall fiesta is best among the list to drive, with swift and then indica.
  17. balchandra, crde is always better engine option then Di, as later is more refined, better NHV and is newer to Di tech, so opt for crde option. How about second hand scorpio, you might get a good second hand scorpio too, do check out in your market as well.
  18. swiftvxi, go to imageshack and upload your picture there and you will get a link to the forum can paste it here then.
  19. shravan, yet there is no official conformation about this new facelift version of civic, nor does the dealers across nation has any news, may be if you can wait for couple of months then its there or else can go with the current one.
  20. vibs, unless and until we actually dont see nano on roads nothing is official to say abt its launch anywhere from any source as we are already seeing that since 26th jan, so wait and watch buddy...!!!
  21. this seeems to target hoda city's sales in market, as corolla is higher to city's range, but nothing attractive for me.
  22. this one has better looks and finish from tata but sadely out market doesnt sell well pickups, which mahindra leads and with this high price i dont think tata's gonna sell much of these off roaders here, so TA-TA.
  23. yeah i was just going to say that VIBS that off topic guys...
  24. hello kunal, welcome to autocarindia. The cars you have selected for comparision, one is a hatchback with premium pricing and another is a sedan. Performance dzire's multijet engine is a gem to drive, also its resale value is always going to be better as compared to skoda, but comfort wise skoda is better but not so refined as dzire, My choice go for swift dzire.
  25. peterip, as you have decided on sx4, which makes sense of your usage with VFM package with this car, how abt white and silver colour, they look good too, and is this waiting particularly for black or all colour?? What deal,discounts offers are you getting from your dealer do share it.