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  1. i dont want to buy any suvz coz itz just for me i really dont need tht big of a car and i just want to ask how about the honda civic i know itz a petrol car but is it fuel efficient and corolla and are there any other car options other than octavia,sonata,laura,magnum and cedia in this section and can someone tell me the on road prices for these cars and also there mileages...!!! and by the way thnx everyone for ur responses...!!!
  2. thnx for ur suggestions sonata crdi and laura are good but they are more expensive i want it strictly in the range of 10- 14 lakhz and i dont really like the magnum..!!
  3. hii i'm planning to buy a new car and my budget is around 10 to 14 lakhs i drive arnd 80 to 100kms everyday so i want a car with a very good fuel efficiency and low on maintance wht do u ppl suggest..!!!