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  1. Try looking for an Esteem. Or about a 2001 model Lancer. Don't try going in for Opel as sourcing the parts would be a major concern.
  2. Adhip, Yes you can use tubeless tires on your 5 year old rim, provided that the rim , especially the valve area is free from rust. The best upsize for the Santro is 165/65 R13, Michelin XM 1 is recommended by personal expirence.
  3. Just read this on CNBC on tv that the central government has reduced the CENVAT (excise) on all things (including cars) , besides petroleum products by 4%. Maruti has already said they will pass on the benefit to the consumers. While M&M has said on their higher models , they will pass on 4% plus some more benefits. I do hope that all car companies follow suit & car prices get reduced & Discounts (existing ones , like 55k off the Toyota Innova , till morning) are still given Edit : Now even Honda Motors India says that they will pass on the reduction in CENVAT's benefit to consumers. This will cause a price reduction for all the vehicles including commercial vehicles & motorcycles. But if this is enough to boost the fledgling sales of indian automotive sector, remains to be seen. I think the auto companies will now reduce the discounts (or remove them altogether on some models), that were being offered till now due to the year end & drop in sales.
  4. BUMP: Update Got a call from the dealer for Toyota in Delhi, offering a discount of 55,000 off the sticker price. But got advice from some one to seriously & patiently wait for 2 weeks as the discount is expected to increase to upto 1 lac!!! as they have a large unsold stock. Earlier in the week, the dealer in Ludhiana was offering a 45,000 discount, now lets see what can he offer to me now!
  5. Buddies! thanks for your replies. I would really like to wait for the facelifted model, but really can't as I need the vehicle & my daily running is about 150-200 kms per day & that on a corolla is really taxing. And I need the old our second vehicle as we sold our OHC. Besides I don't really expect any great changes in the vehicle as I want the G4 model, which certainly will not have any of the features (interior) as said by ACI. But since I am buying at the year end, I had expected more discounts & hence had asked for help. Will go to Punjab tommorow to see what deal I can get from them.
  6. Buddy! all cars are from the same group i.e. VW-Audi group (VAG). But I think you should avoid going in for the current Skoda superb as a newer model is scheduled to arrive soon. As far as build quality goes, all are very well built but I find Audi to be some what better in these three, though the difference is not much. I suggest you get a good test drive of all the 3 models & then decide & the new Audi A4 is considerably better looking but has the highest sticker price. Skoda Superb should be having a discount of more than 3 lacs now, if any dealer has it in stock. Passat in India is causing some or the other problems for the buyers on the quality check issues, but a fine car none the less.
  7. Hey Speed! Are you located in Punjab? If yes, then where? As I plan to get this vehicle to use in Ludhiana only ( for my dad). If you can get an offer on cash down discounts from the dealer, it would be great!
  8. IIRC, My best friend, who was earlier working for Volkswagen dealership in Delhi , told me that dealer margins are huge on the VW Passat. It is about a whopping 3 lacs per car the dealer sells. Even the sales guy gets about 80-85 k per Passat sold. But on the Jetta its about 85,000 - 1 lac per vehicle sold for the dealer. The dealer earlier was selling a major manufacturer in Delhi, but said that profits are getting lower on those & there was a lot of interference by the company. So they shifted to Volkswagen.
  9. Guys, I need some help here with this. I need to buy an Innova on a priority basis within this week as I just sold my 5 year old OHC after doing about 1.06 lac kms on it. Now I know that a facelifted version is just around the corner, but I do need the vehicle . The problem is that , till last month, I was getting a cash discount of about 40k off the Innova, but now its just the insurance (bout 31k) or 25,000 cash. Even though this is December & companies usually offer better discounts, they (Toyota) aren't offering any. Now can some one please find out if they are getting a better deal from their local Toyota dealer? Besides, even as I buy this, I don't think the resale value of the vehicle (3 years down the line) in question will be drastically lower than the facelifted model. Any comments would be welcome.
  10. I suggest if you have the Budget, try Michelin Pilot Preceda 2 in 195/60 R14 size. This should provide you with the best possible compromise between ride & handling . If they are too expensive, do try Bridgestone, But i wouldn't go near Goodyears as earlier experience says even though the are cheaper, they tend to be noisy in the long run. I hope this helps.!! the current stock tyre size for indigo is 175/65 R14 isn't it?
  11. Cedia is good but marred by poor resale values, so - so A.S.S. & Okay kimd of performance. I mean that the performance of the engine is good , but just not in the league of either the Corolla or The Civic.
  12. Corolla is more fuel efficient & I personally find it better to drive than a Civic. Buttttt.. since toyota is coming out with a new model later this year & you are ok with the fuel costs of running a petrol motor for your running, I'll suggest that you wait for the new corolla to arrive. If you can't wait that long, try civic, but it will (i do stress the words IT WILL) scrape most speed breakers unless u get some bigger tyres or drive alone at all times.
  13. Thanks rssh! Planning to get a diesel SUV in the near future! Lets hope that I'm able to get together the finances for it.
  14. Hey there Fuel rungod, I do also own a Fiat Palio 1.2 (2002) but do not drive it any more & have owned a Skoda octavia 1.9 tdi (2002-2007) but the skoda A.S.S left a bitter taste , this coupled with the niggling problems typically associated with European cars & the very very high costs of spares & non availability issues have now made me stick to Japanese cars only. P.S. AdityaM - Thanks for the comment on the Signature!
  15. What kind of roads do you daily drive on? Also, is it going to be self driven vehicle or chauffeur driven?