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  1. Jaguar XF and XJ are segment leaders in U.K., and XF alone have won more than 60 international awards. JLR models have poor sales in India due to their limited dealers and high price as they are being imported as CBU's. if Tata can address both these issues, I am sure that can sell as well as the German Trio. My son has bought XF 3.0 D Sports in U.K., this September. I had finalized the car after evaluating BMW and Mercedes, and I found the XF to be vastly superior. If any body has details of their sales figures in India, please do post. akj53in2011-01-05 14:01:46
  2. @ DD The new 7 series is not looming in the horizon. It is already here. But yes competition is increasing. However sadly despite being locally assembled, Merc, BMW and Audi are all pricing their cars as if they were CBU imports and pockeing the duty benefits themselves. I would love to see the prices dropping to the European levels.
  3. May God please save the person who buys this car from errant motorists, bikers, truckers, drivers of all other kind of jugads running on our roads, pedestrians and animals. He may please also be saved from hitting stones and all other kind of 'road decorations' strewn on our roads and also being stuck on top of a speed breaker. It will be best for him to buy a 'platform type tow truck' and install the car on top of that. He can then sit in the driver's seat of Veyron and truck's driver can drive the truck to the club to showcase the car.
  4. I am sorry to say that the car may be good but HM does not have the dealer network and the expertise to market and support any vehicle in big volumes.
  5. Congratulations Sharmil. In Noida, dealer is offering discount of 30,000 or free insurance. Hope you also got a similar deal.
  6. That will prove to be a wonderful combination but the price may go up to Honda Jazz territory.
  7. BTW this thread is about Sales figures, so we should restrict the discussion under this thread to sales figures.
  8. I read somewhere that VW plan to use the MS dealership network for its sales and service operations, like Tata-Fiat. If it happens, VW will get a nation wide network on a platter. However I hope that VW cars do not meet the same fate as that of FIAT India.
  9. I seriously doubt it. As fas as I know' date=' RPM is rotation per minute of engine shaft, even if it is not in neutral. [/quote'] Not true. Engine RPM is Revolutions per minute at the flywheel. This is not related to car at all. Even if the engine is not fitted to a car, it can be run for testing purpose and while running it will have RPMs. Engine manufacturers run a bare engine to tune it for torque and power at different RPMs and for testing reliability. akj53in2009-12-08 04:55:05
  10. When JRD Tata was searching for his successor and zeroed on Ratan overlooking claims of many other seniors, doubts were raised about Ratan's capability to lead the group. But he has proved himself to more than a worthy successor to the legendary JRD, who himself took the reins of the company at a young age of 23. The philosophy and DNA of Tata group is unique in the corporate jungle of India. There are many untold stories like the above narrated by anjan. I think an Indian will be the best person to lead the group with the same business tradition.
  11. 12.5 WITH AC on is very good milage for a car of this size. My driving is also with AC on always. Using an auto box with only 4 gears, I expected a difference of about 1.5 kmph from a manual. Endless waiting at a red light or in a traffic jam with engine and AC running reduces the FE very much. Last week somebody broke my wind screen while we were attending a marriage function. Now my dealer has given me an estimate of 12,500 for changing the same which is a fat amount. I am not claiming insurance on this as my No Claim Bonus is higher than the claim amount. I will get it repaired on Saturday. This will be the first major expense on the car in 8 months although not due to Toyota.
  12. @ dr_nishu nice list you have compiled but I doubt if Bentley Mulsanne and Jaguar XJ will be displayed as such cars have a very exclusive clientage which does not like so much crowd. If at all Tata puts up a stall for Jaguar then Jag XF and Range Rover models will alo be displayed. Same goes for Mulsanne, which if displayed will be showcased with Continental GT and Flying Spur. How I would love to see those cars.
  13. This issue was discussed in length on a earlier thread also. So why a new thread. I will stand by my own experience. I had got it filled in my Matiz and an immediate vast improvement in ride quality was observed. I did not keep a track for other improvement parameters so cant vouch for those. The only reason I discontinued N2 because the only filling station was way out of my normal route. I however now plan to get it filled in my Altis, as now I frequently pass through that road. Non believers should get it filled once and then evaluate the results themselves rather than going in a long tech discussion. Rs 100 is not such a big amount and can be easily written off as a R&D expense, in case of disappointing results.
  14. The above news is shocking if true. But we dont seem to have heard of any such incidents in India.