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  1. Hi geforce, Few months I too was in dilemma in selecting a good gearless scooter for my sister. I waited for Aviater and my sister said it was a littlebit taller and she was not comfortable with it. After that we had Activa,Dio and Suzuki Access as options. After a thorough feedback from users i came to an conclusion about Dio. It is a nice looking vehicle with 3KMPL more mileage than Activa but it has an inherent rattling noice after 40k KMS on odo. Between Activa and Access i selected Activa because of long waiting period for Access and it looks bulky for me. Otherwise I would have gone with Access.
  2. Yeah I agree, TATA Sierra is an excellent car. When launched in 90s it had power steering, power windows, adjustable steering and a lot more. If TATA launches this SUV with new 2.2 DICOR engine i will buy it with my eyes closed.
  3. hi mehul, Technically speaking this 1.3 MJD is small only in size but when u compare the 1950 CC Sierra engine which is having 69 bhp, this 1.3 MJD is more powerfull i.e 75 bhp and can be tuned to 90 bhp. This de-tuned 90 BHP engine is used in new Fiat-Grande-punto. And also this new 1.3 MJD is more refined and can easily run for 2.5 lakhs KMs without any problem. Please get into these facts. I am actually exploring all the possible ways to re-build a nice SUV with very good ride quality and FE.
  4. Hi, I am an ardent fan of TATA Sierra. My uncle has one TATA Sierra 1996 Model (non-turbo) and wanted to sell it. I am interested in buying it and re modify it with a new engine,music system and painting. I am thinking of fitting a 1.3 MJD (tuned with 90BHP) engine from Fiat. Is it possible at all to get an all new 1.3 MJD engine from the OEM? If it is possible please advice me about the cons of this idea and approximate budget. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for your time and reply. The person at Honda showroom says Aviator is giving 5 Kms more than Activa due to its bigger front wheel. Is it true?
  6. Hi All, I am planning to gift a scooter for my sister. I have paid advance amount for a Honda scooter. I am lot confused in selecting one between Aviator and Activa. I found the following pros in the two scooters, Activa - Less height, Metallic body Aviator - Telescopic Suspension, Better mileage (45+KMPL) Please help me in deciding. Thanks