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  1. Anybody with any opinion about Chevrolet U-Va
  2. Yep I know just had some thoughts about not getting spares and proper service once the Renault Mahindra partnership is broken. coz already Renault has some plans of tying up with its other group concern Nissan in India. But I got some re-assurance from some users that the service and spares wouldnt be a problem so I guess I would go for it
  3. m in Koramangala thk i will buy this months issue dint check it out till now thanks for telling me
  4. Other than the looks does the Logan have any build quality problems. Any known issues
  5. Is there anybody who can give me some feedbacks regarding Mahindra 's overall customer service and service quality. I am particularly interested in the Logan and would like to get some inputs regarding your experiences with the car and its service centers. Thanks in Advance
  6. Oopsie thts a bloody long waiting period dont have tht much time in hand hope the Logan or the U-Va wont have tht much waiting period. M almost leanin g towards the logan since I havent heard much about U-Va or Aveo (which I think is more than 6 lacs) Then again also needs some reply regarding Mahindra's service may be i will have to post another topic for that
  7. Seems like fun will go for a test drive any idea abt the kind of mileage it gives.
  8. Thk the Logan, U-Va or the new Fabia 1.2 need to wait for feedbacks on that; no idea about its interior space mileage and all tht . Swift as everybody said is too cramped but other wise was the best of the lot.
  9. Howz the service from Mahindra. I have driven the Getz for tall people the driver seat is too low and absolutely no under thy support after a while legs start aching other than its roomy it has really good pickup and all tht but way too difficult for me to drive for too long its like sitting in a ditch for me. I have driven the 1.3lt one petrol dont thk the seating changes btwn the models either.
  10. btw I am not looking at resale value at all coz we plan to use the car for quite sometime by which time any car wud have depreciated considerably
  11. Mileage will be a little low on the U-Va I guess and how about the driver seat
  12. Now the fabia 1.2 has come out with 5.1 for the base model initial comments in autocar isnt favourable looks like its way over priced. Any idea how much the Dzire VDi or Ldi would cost on road
  13. Any comments on the U-Va i thought it was decent car
  14. Still cant digest the look of Dzire after seeing the swift for so long its like a swift with SX4's butt attached to it
  15. Yep I do think the Logan is a good one considering my requirements if looks are not a consideration. Is there any maintenance issue with it. How about the Mahindra service.
  16. I am planning to buy a car around June or July I am looking for a car around the Rs 6lacs mark Thgs that I want in my car as follows (priority wise) 1. Interior space leg room and room to seat more people 2. Ride quality & quality of interiors 3. Fuel Efficiency 4. Performance I dont have any issues going for diesel or going for a hatchback(though hatchbacks have less interior space than the sedans). I have shortlisted the following cars Chevrolet U-Va(think it has decent interiors & seating comfort) Renault Logan diesel( for interior space ride quality and mileage) Swift Dzire diese but not sure whether it will be within my budget(for everything the Swift stands for) Things about which I need clarification on about the above mentioned cars are Chevrolet U-Va- need to know about its mileage & maintenance cost & reliability Renault Logan- About the Mahindra- Renault partnership how long its gonna last and what if they break up ( nobody seems to think about this problem at all) the part availability service etc. Swift Dzire - Petrol version mileage I also need to know about the driver seats of these cars I am quite tall (6' ) so under thy support and leg room is very important for me since I might take it for long drives once a while. I dont want to end up with a dead leg after a while of driving If you guys have any other cars to suggest pls do feel free to mention those too.. Thanks in advance