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  1. dear Prancing horse and Leo Rahi thank you so much for your advice and I shall keep your views in my mind before placing the booking.could you please tell me the current discount offered to Audi cars. ttanks and regards
  2. dear All I have been waiting for some expert advice on this forum but unfortunately nobody bothered to reply my request. I'm seriously considering the purchase in this month of December as I'm expecting big discounts.please please somebody clear my confusion of X3 over Q5
  3. dear All I'm planning to upgrade to x3 expedition 20d or Q5,which one you experts suggest?what is the best time to buy to have maximum discounts? thanks in advance
  4. Dear PrancingHorse and rssh, Thanks for your valuable advice.
  5. good morning Prancing horse Thanks for your advice.could you please tell me the brands and details about tubeless available in indian market suitalbe for my bimmer?
  6. good day all experts please advice me if i have to replace the runflats for regular tubeless?
  7. a vehicle awaiting delivery at the yard
  8. The delivery was scheduled 0700hrs on 20th aug but the negligent sales executive managed to deliver the car at around 1630 hrs which put me one day behind the planning so I coudnt enjoy the drive in its fullest.
  9. dear all I'm not able to write more about the car beacause All I had is the drive from mum to cochin and after that I had to rush back to my work place in scheduled reaching back to the steering wheel of bimmer is after 27th sept and shall be posting the ownership reviews.
  10. dear jfxavier the discount offered by mumbai dealer was better than cochin .
  11. thanks sachins thanks Sstar total toll I paid from mumbai to kochi is INR 759