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  1. A couple of questions - I was also evaluating the cars and the prices i got were Rs. 7.5L for SX4 ZXi and Rs. 9.1L for Corolla HE (On-road Delhi) - and this is after dealer and corp discounts... the prices you quote are much lower... cam you pls clarify if these are actual on-road prices?? My take was as follows: Corolla - very spartan (no alloys, climate control, music system, airbags) but great engine & gearbox. I found the brakes difficult to modulate despite ABS and finally didnt go for it because of the new model expected in Aug 08 SX4 - shockingly cheap interior quality (but still prefer it over Corolla HE), slightly noisy engine, good gearbox and better ride at speeds over 50km/h than Corolla. Its a mixed bag really, but since we already have a NH City, Camry and Aveo I chose the SX4 Zxi simply because its very diff. from most conventional cars reliability of both cars seems to be decent, and both will have a similar resale value after 3 years (~3.5-4L). Corolla has better FE, which somewhat offsets the higher initial price, depending on the distance you drive. to summarize: if you drive within the city and carry more than 3 people, go for the Corolla. (but do consider the Cedia if you dont care about depreciation!). If you drive with 1-2 persons on fast roads then go for SX4. I dont think you would go wrong with either car
  2. Wow thanks for the helpful suggestions! as it stands, cars that i have ruled out are: City - i would kick myself for buying one now since the new one will be out by the year-end.... but i need to buy a car within 10 days! Verna - nice car, but was not exciting to drive (esp petrol) Cars i am still evaluating SX4 ZXi - tentatively my top option at the moment Corolla - I didnt know it was available at 9.5L... I will def. test drive. I heard a new model would be out this year - is it a major upgrade? Cedia - somehow i overlooked this car, but i dont see many on the roads SRV - I love the looks but am yet to drive the car. I am sure this will be a depreciation disaster Used cars - I saw a few of Accord V6 and Octavia RS... fantastic cars but were poorly maintained does anyone know of any for sale in Delhi? thanks again for all the help!
  3. Hi All, I am looking to buy a new car within about Rs. 9lac. My priorities are performance, looks, handling, and reliability. Also, resale value is a consideration since i will use the car for max 3-4 years. I dont really care about fuel efficiency or rear seat /boot space. I am 6"2' tall, so driver comfort and ergonomics are important too. the car will be used mostly in the city with occasional highway blasts Which car do you recommend? brownie.