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  1. there is no auto expo in 2009 in delhi.. the one in pragati maidan which was held in 2008 is a biennial auto expo and the next one is in 2010.
  2. maruti has reduced a-star's price also by 4%.. good news!! best time in the year to buy a car.. fuel prices down so as the cars..!!cheers!
  3. ya the price of maruti a-star may also be reduced... although maruti may compensate by not reducing or increasing the initial offering price..
  4. ya but the cenvat deduction will be still there...till the elections atleast... and probably the january hike will also be reconsidered by the companies like honda after this cenvat reduction.
  5. some other links to this news.
  6. The government has reduced the CENVAT by 4%. The cars are to be cheaper. Maruti announces Rs 8000 off on the Alto. Good News in the time of discounts.The cars will be offered at a better deal.Good News for buyers. The exact story is on -
  7. indica vista is far more spacious than the other two in the comparison. its a better option considering the vfm.
  8. Hayabusa launched-Suzuki India has launched the world's fastest motorcycle, the Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa in India today. The hyper sportsbike has been priced at Rs 12.95 lakh, ex-showroom all across the country. Suzuki India also launched its high-revving and powerful 1783cc V-twin cruiser motorcycle, the M1800R to complement the hypersport speed with some chrome presence. The M1800R will sell at the same price tag of Rs 12.9 lakh. The exact report is present at -'Bossa'_arrives!--Suzuki11_20081126--/INDT/News/Suzuki11_20081126--1--1
  9. the light on the left side which is white is for back gear lighting. and on the right side the red light is for the rear fog lamp. it is also common for sx4 also.