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  1. Yes, great news for people who want premium hatches powered by a diesel engine. And this car is loaded with features without compromising on quality - seems to be worth the money you pay. Skoda seems to have a limited time offer on their diesel Fabia too. No prices for guessing who they are up against. Jupiter2009-06-27 20:52:22
  2. You are right. We are all obsessed with owning a Honda and the company just takes advantage of the same. I don't blame them - it's business after all. But the big question from my point of view is WHAT DO I PAY PREMIUM FOR IN THE JAZZ? To give Honda credit they do make quality cars, with great reliability. But then, that's a given with a Honda. Tell me something new. If I want to show off my 8.5 L hatchback, I need more than just the Honda badge, engine or magic seats. I need premium features. Gone are the days when ABS, airbags were considered premium features - if I'm right, even the A-Star has these in the top-end model. So dealer talk that alloys, etc. can be added after market is rubbish. I expect these and much more as standard equipment in a premium hatchback. But if they indeed meet their goal of 2000 Jazzs per month, I would rename the thread as "Indians have done it again!"
  3. I wouldn't go by this report. Forget proving us wrong, the dealers seem really frustrated explaining why such a feature starved hatch costs so much.
  4. It's hard to tell from the pics. BTW if it was the Fabia Estate, the slightly longer body would have given it away. Otherwise I'm not sure what the HTP variant is all about. BTW the Skoda dealers in Bangalore are at it again - spoke to a showroom person this morning. He says they have a limited period discount on the Fabia diesel (only). I was asked to come to the showroom to have a look. Jupiter2009-06-25 19:36:33
  5. rssh, I think many people living in congested Indian cities will gladly accept the practicality offered by Jazz. My only crib is that for the price they are charging they don't seem to offer features even lower priced cars have. Yesterday I got a call from a local dealer telling me that the car was ready for a launch and would cost approx 8L OTR Bangalore. He tells me this is a premium hatchback - with premium features such as ABS, two airbags and "magic seats". I'm glad he didn't mention the engine as a premium feature. I would feel ashamed to use the word premium for a car that doesn't even offer alloy wheels or fog lamps, leave alone climate control. Especially when they have cars like Fabia, i20 for competition. I now feel Fabia had a very impressive feature list for the price they charged and the fact that a large number of parts were imported. Honda here is no doubt charging an arm and a leg for a car with close to 70% local content. Jupiter2009-06-09 05:30:56
  6. Well, then 399 L is quite impressive. I had heard that in other markets they actually provide a non-regular sized spare wheel to enhance luggage volume.
  7. Boot space of 399 litres? Does this mean they are not providing a regular sized spare wheel?
  8. I believe the Jazz is a pretty good car. An ideal vehicle for city use/weekend getaway. However, a Jazz 1.2 would be overpriced if sold at (OTR) 8L or above. Especially, considering that Honda has conveniently left out a lot of features that one would expect in a so called "premium hatch". Just think about it - Skoda offered a Fabia 1.4 (petrol) top-end with a very high import content last year. The price was again about 8L (OTR Bangalore). It had a sunroof, parking assist, alloys, fogs lamps, telescopic adjust steering - none of these will be available on the Jazz. Also Jazz has only about 30% imported content and also gets the excise duty benefit because of the 1.2 litre engine. They still price the Jazz at a premium. For what reason? The engine? How much premium can Honda expect for a good engine? I'm really disappointed. Due to space constraints, many people in Indian cities are interested in large hatchbacks. These are people who can afford sedans. And such people will be willing to pay a premium provided the car comes with all features one can expect for the money. IMO Honda has lost the plot completely. They have either become too greedy or over-confident. Perhaps both. Jupiter2009-05-30 20:45:09
  9. I guess, the Getz CRDI was the most half-hearted attempt made by a car manufacturer in India. They could have saved all that money and launched the i20 on a larger scale in India - their current attitude suggests any income on the i20 in India is a bonus. So when are the new variants of the i20 coming? Hopefully just around the Jazz 1.2 launch. (8L OTR Bangalore? Are you kidding me?) Jupiter2009-05-23 10:03:10
  10. I got information from Nandi Toyota that the new Innova would be available from Jan 28 or so. No information on prices, specs, etc.
  11. If anyone has observed, this car hasn't been launched anywhere else except Delhi. No doubts that Hyundai was banking on mere technicality to be eligible for COTY 2009. TDs will be on offer only from next week (officially) and that too only in Delhi. They no doubt have launched a great car, but I'll be watching their ethics very carefully. We all know a car that was launched last year whose great features were advertised no end. When you landed in the showroom all you heard was that the waiting period was a few months and they kept pushing lesser equipped variants at you. No prizes for guessing the car! I hope Hyundai won't try such tricks. And I hope the introdutory pricing will hold good for a few months! Jupiter2008-12-30 19:55:58
  12. Good review. Awaiting a detailed review and probably a shootout with competition. I'm pleasantly surprised by the feature set. Retractable mirrors, reach adjust steering, six airbags, .. wow! Just looking forward to a more powerful engine down the line. BTW how is it they left out the sunroof?
  13. I'm just wondering - the ex-showroom price of the Altis G in Bangalore is Rs 10,47,265. What does it take for Toyota to cut prices by around 57K and create a new base Altis? I think all they need to do is maybe remove alloy wheels, fog lamps, worst case the music system. That should be it or maybe they can keep all these and just knock off Airbags (but have to retain ABS). Airbags can save them a lot of money. I think Toyota can just kill Civic on pricing/features by using a trick or two. Those who want a VFM car will still pick the base Altis because it will still have most features the Altis G has currently. Man, don't I love it when someone forces Honda to cut prices
  14. Where does Toyota sell a CNG version? I don't find a mention of it in the Altis website. Honda has lowered the base Civic price to just under 10L making things tough for Toyota. Once, Toyota launch a slightly stripped down version of the 1.8G, the Civic will be in trouble again. BTW ACI Dec 08 mentions the Altis price will be increased in Jan. Any idea if this will happen? Jupiter2008-12-13 13:28:59
  15. For once, when they were talking of an increase they've actually cut prices albeit due to a Tax cut. At least they are not as high headed as I thought. It also means they take the competition seriously. The real story for the Indian auto industry will unfold next year. One would have to wait and watch what different manufacturers do when the going gets really tough.Jupiter2008-12-10 03:59:55
  16. The govt. has just announced some sops that would help all industries including the auto sector. Maruti on it's part has already announced some cut in car prices. I wonder how Honda and Skoda would react to the duty reduction. Two companies that sell over-priced products in India. Jupiter2008-12-07 13:02:51
  17. First of all, I'm not too sure if Hyundai ever planned to launch the i20 by Diwali. Even if it did and postponed it, Hyundai like all other manufacturers would be worried about launching a new car, when the demand for it's existing line-up is low. Off topic, but related to car demand: The govt. has just announced a 4% reduction in "cenvat" (not sure what it means). Maruti has just announced it would cut prices of it's cars from midnight today (src: CNBC TV18). Other manufacturers may follow too. Jupiter2008-12-07 13:08:56
  18. There is an increase because a lot of people had held off their purchases due to the new City launch. City sales will slump along with other cars in the next few months. In the near term Linea will give it some competition.
  19. But, there is no cheap credit available now. Probably a good time for people who can afford to buy a car with cash. Having said that, I wonder if car manufacturers really care. Honda has launched it's latest City bang in the middle of the slowdown. They expect people to pay about 30k extra to get a set of 5 alloys - which may not be a bad deal by itself, but hey, shouldn't a car that costs 10L+ OTR not have this as standard. So the overpricing continues! One company I'd love to be taken to task is Skoda - masters of overpricing! They finally blame everything on the exchange rate.
  20. This was bound to happen. This has nothing to do with the Civic Hybrid or other competition. Lots of executives, even those who can afford the Corollas and Civics are thinking twice before they spend. Natural that the manufacturers would cut production. These are scary times for those working in MNCs. Holding onto our jobs is more important than changing cars. Probably the only people who can afford to take such risks now are the ones who run their own businesses.
  21. Well ... then what's with the Kappa ads where they claim FE will not go down as the power increases? They better be sure of what they are claiming. I'll be watching this closely because I hear the i20 will also have this engine. i20 would definitely be heavier than an i10 kappa.
  22. If it is slotted between Bolero and Scorpio, then it could only be a threat in the taxi segment. Unless a fully loaded version atleast comparable to the current Innova V is launched, I don't see Toyota being too worried by the Xylo. A top-end Innova with climate control, reverse sensors (with camera), etc. will be available sometime next month.
  23. Hmm ... they are all the same. Nothing different in other parts of the country. Doesn't matter what we say in these threads. We are not the vote banks politicians are interested in. They are interested in people who sway and cry at their gimmicks.
  24. Plenty of launches in the offing. Sure we don't have enough space for all these cars. But the question is how many people are going to buy them? In the current financial situation only those who desperately need a car would try to buy one. The car companies are going to have a very tough year ahead.