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  1. I have a pular DTSi 150. Its now almost 2 years and bike is yet to give me any major problem in engine but some minor problem like brake shoe or disk brake oil drying up were there. I also get it serviced every 2-3 months at official service center (by the way now i wont be doing it because they are now charging somewhere around 600-700 for paid service) But now i feel the ride is not that smooth as it used to be earlier. I drive on a average speed of 40-60 and daily average is around 30-40 Kms. Also, if someone has got his RC converted from a bank RC to his own name RC, how much time it takes? How many times u have visit the transport authority for that? I have got NOC but i am not going to transport authority out of laziness and its already more than a year.
  2. Error is shown in Digital version or Analogue version or both?
  3. Well it may be ur personal experience that u r not able to strike a successful deal. But my friend bought a Santro 2001 from some classfied site and he was able to get a very good deal. Also i put a maruti 800 for which i got a very good response
  4. If you want good bargains on used cars, then you should try some ads site such as or or
  5. You are selling it cheap. Why don't you post you Ad on some site like or or Here you can get few thousand bucks more than what people are offering here