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  1. Yeah! DSG box will be avail in atleast one variant. Launch on 15th this month.
  2. ra4

    The CRICKET Thread

    Looking forward for the new series. Though I don't expect much from out team.
  3. Awesome review man. Congrats for your new car. And I fully agree with Leo, you should run on the new oil till 10000 kms
  4. Brazil stands no chance without Neymar against Germany. Silva missing this too. Nightmare for Brazil! Anyways, looking forward for tonight's match. Good coverage Leo
  5. Congrats for your new ride.
  6. Nicely written review. By the way, without pics it won't make an ownership review. So Pics Plz
  7. I'm rooting for Germany this time. Hope they perform well !
  8. Woahhhh!!!!! Awesome pics man! I liked the night scene of the city.
  9. Congrats fella. Enjoy your new ride. Looking forward for the pics.
  10. Look nowhere and buy the Octavia. It is one of the most preferred car in this price range nowadays
  11. Awesome work done..Thanks for sharing
  12. Great pics Leo.. I'll be glued to this thread