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  1. The 2014 Auto Expo has been all about Concept Cars and Facelifts. Almost all car manufactures have showcased new Concepts which they intend to launch in India. That proves the fact that India has now become a major auto market on the global road map. It shows that the brands are now taking into consideration the specific needs of the Indian customer and offering products and features which cater to those. Brands like Honda have constantly evolved their vehicles to suit to the changing tastes and also upgrading the features on their models. Honda City - their flagship model in India was recently introduced in its 4th generation version. It is a great car with greater features. Honda also showcased its new concepts like the NSX an XS1 along with the new Jazz and Mobilio which will be launched later this year.
  2. Yes, Tata's compact SUV concept will also be there. But the most crowded stall will be that of Honda. The new Honda City is going to grab more than just eyeballs. I am super impressed with the images seen so far. Looks a stunner. Just waiting to feel that car! So excited!
  3. Honda city will also be showcased.. I will finally get to see the car! I have always cherished Honda and specially its City.
  4. I dont agree! Honda has not and will never lose its charm. As long as cars like Honda city are there! And giving us the most fuel efficient car at the time of petrol hikes, I think that's even more wonderful!
  5. I think the best and the most awaited car in 2014 is the All New Honda City! With Fuel economy of 26kmpl, powered by 1.5-litre, i-VTEC and i-DTEC mills, and other remarkable features, I think it is a complete power-packed car!
  6. I think you should go for Honda Brio. The cheeky little Honda has big hopes riding on it, and with Honda's impressive international track record with small cars, this one should be a cracker. Great packaging of interior space, great design and a peppy drive will be the brio's talking points. To see how fun Brio is, check out this video:
  7. A is beautiful outside and powerful inside. Totally amazing as it is christened! It has a powerful engine and a lot of boot space. You can see the car from inside and outside here:'> would suggest you to go with Honda Amaze. It is beautiful outside and powerful inside. Totally amazing as it is christened! It has a powerful engine and a lot of boot space. You can see the car from inside and outside here:
  8. Hyundai Verna looks great but I think Honda City is better with it's new features and new diesel engine. Also, the CVT variabts seem quite promising. What would you suggest?
  9. Hi! I think Honda has refreshed the interiors of the new City and it has a lot more space and features than the existing car. It feels as spacious as a Civic. Also, the new City has been loaded with several features like touchscreen infotainment system and touch air-conditioning controls which make it all the more better!
  10. I had been eagerly waiting for the launch! The features of the All New Honda city seem promising! I still remember the 1st generation City (VTEC engine) in 1996. It is amazing how they have maintained the calibre & the excellence till the 4th. It's a legacy!
  11. The global brand Honda had a comparative lower sales record in India, making it realise the need to be adapted according to the Indian markets so it cleverly re-engineered its engine as well its marketing strategies to fit in well. This smart move has done wonders to the sales of the global brand products in Indian markets. The company had through researches to penetrate deeply into the Indian lifestyles to know more about their expectations, habits, knowledge and media exposure regarding their rides. The setbacks were sited through this research and it was concluded that though their products were brilliant but didn’t exactly cater to the needs of the customer base they were aiming at. Hence the company became conscious of the apt pricing ranges, one of the key aspects for the Indian populations. With the launch of Honda’s new entry level sedan it was priced competitively to be at par with other brands. Another comprehension of this research was that Indian crowds are crazily focused on fuel-efficiency of the car, hence becomes the second major deciding parameter for their vehicles. Stressing upon this feature, Honda came up with the best in class fuel-efficient Honda Amaze as well as amplifying the effect it also introduced its diesel variant modified to suit Indian roads, weather conditions and an engine specifically built for quality of diesel available in India. The company also felt that the reason holding back their sales record of was the perception of Honda being an expensive brand hence its maintenance would cost the owner a fortune. The multinational brand worked intelligently on this as well and introduced economical maintenance packages for money-conscious Indians. In the process it was noted that the customer-base it aimed for was mostly owner-driven rather than chauffeur-driven so the interiors were so adapted to make the ride for driver as well as passengers pleasurable. A few alterations were done in the placement of the audio system, speakers and air-conditioning vents as well as the seat back angle and seat cushion so as to make it more convenient for the driver. Honda became aware of the fact that its media promotions were ineffective as their non-Indian base ads were something people did recognise with. It marketed products with a blind eye, not being sensitive to the receptive abilities, patterns and extend of various media channels for Indian masses. It marketed usually through print media with English taglines which was of no relevance to the major non-English speaking audiences. The visual media also supported backgrounds which were not familiar with Indian taste or had model of other nationalities. The end product of these all these ideas was an Indianised Honda which marked its success by the launch of its latest venture, Honda Amaze which not only had been adapted according to Indian taste and needs, but with its superior looks and best in the segment fuel-efficiency, it also was promoted skilfully and righteously.
  12. Well, I am planning to buy one of these. And I tend not to discuss every little detail as I am not very well aware. So, simply, I asked which one is worth buying... So, it will be great if you guys could guide me through the pros and cons. Thanks in advance..
  13. Which is the best entry level sedan in the country and why? - Honda Amaze - Volkswagen Vento - Swift Dzire - Skoda Rapide - Or any other car?
  14. Everyday I’m faced with the choice of choosing between my old flame, the Maruti Swift and my new love affair, the Honda Amaze. Call me shallow, but I can’t resist picking up my latest fling, for a delightful and comfortable drive. Each and every time I drive it, I discover something new and fall in love with it all over again. I believe it’s truly amazing car, not that I’ll ever forget the great times with my old flame. Maruti Swift wasn’t about the engine or the specifications or its features for me. It was the drive that mattered, always. I found it comfortable even though it was just Maruti, the brand that isn’t exactly associated with comfort. The drive was always smooth, allowing me to cut and swerve as I pleased. The spacious hatchback was compact enough for me to swiftly meander my way through traffic, stop and go smoothly between heavy traffic and also speed away in a flash as soon as there was the opportunity. The pickup is indeed great and with the mileage of 17kmpl, it proved to be a good car and a good drive. My only problem was when the engine got a little too irritating and loud. It wasn’t flattering to the smart and good looking car I was driving in, looking pretty smooth myself as I sped by many an onlooker. I’d suggest a few improvements for the future models, a better music system, an improved engine and maybe a bit more comfort. I make these suggestions only because it was when I drove the Honda Amaze that I realized what I was missing. At such a great price for a sedan by Honda, I thought it must be cramped for space or have some noticeable fault. However, this new creation by Honda has made it possible for a sedan to retain the compactness of a hatchback, allowing similar maneuverability as the Swift on busy roads. But this compactness doesn’t let it compromise on the space in the car. This sedan built over a small car platform has some pleasant surprises to offer. Keeping up with the Honda reputation, the seating, leg space for both front as well as back passengers and the overall comfort is remarkable. As highlighted by the advertising of the Honda Amaze, the interiors are surprisingly spacious and is equipped with all the necessary comfort features like power steering, a powerful AC, power windows, central locking and of course a good music system! Also equipped with the i-DTEC engine, the engine is by far better than my old Swift’s. Giving a mileage of 25kmpl, it made me realize that the 17kmpl I was living with was almost a shame. This isn’t the best part for me though. The best things about this car for me are the seriously comfortable seating and driving, making me one with the road and giving me a true Honda experience along with the sexy looks of a sedan, which I believe make me look even smoother…I didn’t even know that was possible!
  15. The car is getting rave reviews, however, it needs to be seen whether it can last the test of time. Besides that, if Honda continue to walk the current part, I think they will certainly give a good fight to Maruti. After all, Honda provides one of the best after sale services in the world.