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  1. WagonR -> 13kmpl (city) / 18kmpl (highway) Aveo 1.4 -> 10kmpl (city) (Just driven about 700kms)
  2. Thanks! Will keep updating as I drive more. BTW I do not agree with you on Aveo is no match for SX4. Both are nice cars and have their own set of pros and cons.
  3. IMO i do not feel the necessity of airbags and abs in city driving as one does not and can not really drive at very high speeds thus less chances of any major collission. However, the safety features are must if one is majorly driving on highways. This opinion may vary from person to person but the bottom line is "It is better to be safe.
  4. Thanks Aks! Aveo 1.4 is the basic model whereas Aveo 1.6 is the top-end variant. Looks wise (external) it is the same. The difference, however, lies in the extra features that come with 1.6 version, like dirver seat height adjustment, front fog lamps, woody finish on the dashboard and doors, chrome door handles, mp3 player with speakers, etc. There is also an optional version in 1.6 which comes with airbags, etc. In terms of performance, I did not find much difference between the two. So it is just the features and interiors. Having said that, the final choice is absolutely yours. But no doubt, features offered in Aveo 1.4 are more than what is provided in a base variant.
  5. Will try to click tonight and post it by tomorrow.
  6. Thanks! Will surely post more as I drive more.
  7. Thanks! I guess you are right as after driving another 200 kms or so, I have noticed a positive difference in pick up.
  8. Maruti 800, I feel, is still the first car for many people in India, specially in smaller towns and cities. It is also the first on which many people learn to drive. It was my first car too and I simply loved it. Makes me remember of those great college days! However, with changing times and coming of many more other models, it seems this car is marching towards its last stage. As they say, one who has born, has to die.
  9. Current Brand: General Motors Model: Chevrolet Aveo 1.4 Year: 2007 Experience: Build quality: Solid. Performance: Very silent and smooth engine. Comfort: Spacious front and back seats with generous leg room. Can easily sit three at the back. Interiors: One of the best in the segment. FE: Currently 10 (at 500kms). Will improve as I drive more. After Sales Service: Just had the first check-up. Satisfied. Overall: A Real VFM car. Brand: Maruti Model: WagonR VXI Year: 2001 Experience: Build quality: Just fine. Could have been better. Performance: Excellent. Comfort: Spacious front and back seats with reasonable leg room. Offers good driving posture. Interiors: Grey. Could have been better FE: 13-14 without AC / 12-13 with AC After Sales Service: Excellent during the first couple of years. After that just ok. Maruti certainly needs to do better in this department. Overall: A perfect, no-nonsense and a practical car for city driving.
  10. Dear all, I got my Aveo 1.4 in the first week of August and after having driven 500 kms, I am putting here my views and reviews. Before Buying: I was equally confused, as most of the others in this forum, as to which car should I buy? My budget was around 6L and main priorities were comfort, FE and low maintenance cost. I had zeroed in on Getz 1.3 / Esteem / Accent / Aveo 1.4 / Fiesta 1.4 / Sx4. Based upon various test drives and owner feedbacks, I finally decided to go for Aveo 1.4. Exterior: I liked the car when I looked at it the very first time. The contours give it a solid and a muscular look and the car makes its presence feel on the road. I got Platinum Metallica colour and it looks nice on Aveo. The overall paint work and finishing is really good. Interiors: The interiors are classy as compared to other cars in this segment. The black and beige combination is nicely planned and gives an executive look and feel. The quality of plastics is also good. The new spedometer cluster surely looks better than the old one. The green dials with bright red pointers look attractive at night. Chrome has been used nicely on the outer dials. The center console is also placed conveniently with space for keeping glasses, mobile, etc. The ashtray, cigerette lighter and glass holder have been integrated nicely. The black-beige dashboard looks great and has a digital clock. However, at times the beige colour reflects on the windshield under direct sunlight which causes a little discomfort while driving. But this is not very serious and one gets used to it over time. The front seats are spacious and have a reasonably good leg room. The back seats are also comfortable and can easily sit three people with a reasonably good leg room. Overall the cabin is very silent, spacious and is well designed. The boot space is sufficient and well-lit. The back windshield has defogger and a printed antenna as well. Performance: Engine: The engine is very silent and turns on smoothly. Since there is no vibration at all, at times you can feel as if the engine is not running. Initially I felt the pick-up was not as peppy as you would expect from a 94bhp engine. However, after driving for about 300 kms, I feel it has improved. Moreover, once you move beyond 1500-2000 rpm, you can feel the power and momentum it gains. Not only that, you can feel that this car has a very good torque. You can come down to the speed of 30-35 in the 4th gear and move up again while being in the same gear. Changing gears quite often is thus not required. Gearbox: The new improved gearshift is definitely better than the old one. Those who have driven the old version and the new version as well will agree on this. The gear rod is very stable with no vibrations and does not shake while the engine is running. Suspension: The cars footwear is tubeless. It has a superb suspension which makes the drive and ride very comfortable. Deep potholes and high speed-brakers are very well taken care off as Aveo has a nice high ground clearance. Brakes: Quite effective. No problem faced as of now. Air Conditioning: Not bad at all. I have (when driving alone) not felt the need of moving beyond the first level cooling even in the day time. The blowers/vents are round and can turn 360 degrees and can be covered when not required or not in use. F.E.: I have driven just about 500 kms (98% in city), and rough calculation indicates around 10 km/litre with AC on. I guess this should improve once I cross the 1000/2000km mark. Will let you know as I drive more. ICE: Sony CDX GT560 xplod with 1622 round speakers with inbuilt tweeters: Very easy to operate, nice features with large display. Sound clarity is great and output is more than sufficient for me. -- 8K Other Expenses: Teflon Coating + Underbody Anti-rust Coating: 4.1K Autocop Central Locking (with engine immobilizer): 3.7K Xenor Gear Lock: 1K PU seat covers -- 4.5K: Will be getting them this week. Future Expenses: Chrome door handles and Body-coloured ORVMs. Price: 6L on road Dealer: Autovikas. Waiting period at delivery: 1 hour. Overall experience: Good. Overall: A very good car at a very good price. Real value for money. I have no regrets at all having chosen Aveo 1.4.
  11. Aveo 1.4 Great looks, very nice interiors, spacious cabin, good F.E.; many features......all at 6L (Delhi). A Real VFM car.