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  1. Thanks for your suggestions. I was servicing my previous palio at Salem TVS.I didn't have any problem for 4 years except for the regular servicing. I sold the vehicle just because my close friend was compelling me to give the vehicle to him.He is now very happy with the car. Regarding the back seat, I already have Wagon R which can accomodate only two people. So I thought if 3 can seat comfortably, it will be better though the occasion comes rarely. How about the suspension in Swift? Is it good? Any body who is having the car for at least a year can give ur opinion and any rattling sound. I have some irritating sound at the back in Wagon R in bumpy roads which the service people cannot correct it.
  2. There is no doubt Maruti has a vast service network and the dealer is in my place,Namakkal. I have Wagon R now. I am not satisfied with the suspension part of Wagon R. may be my expectaion is like Palio. This is the additional car I am going to buy.But 3 persons cannot sit comfortably at the back in Swift, looks ???? and the sturdiness, I feel it cannot be compared with Palio. ( I need your opinions ) I enquired Salem and Erode Tata dealers, they say at present they cannot officially do the service but in 6 months time they will be able to do it. Can these guys be believed? I have the apprehension that the extension of the service dealer by Tata Fiat depends on the number of cars to be sold. One of the best cars, palio,( may be the best in its class) gets spoiled because of the service problem. I think people donot consider the quality when they buy.
  3. Hi, I had old palio diesel and recently sold it. I was very much satisfied with the car except the service part. Now I am planning to buy a new one either palio multijet or swift diesel. I like more of palio but I am really worried about the service by Tata. Is it possible to do the service in all Tata show rooms ? My dearest sales dealer at present is at Coimbatore which is 150 kms from my place. Can anybody help with regard to this?