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  1. Hi Friends Thanks for all your suggestions........and also ur time and energy. Well, the situation is that my father had gone to Nagpur and visited showrooms of Maruti, Ford, Chevrolet, and Skoda .They couldnt make it to Honda and Renault for lack of time.( I couldnt accompany them as I am in Mumbai).And Guess what? The car my father liked most is the Fabia....though it is not a sedan.We still havnt taken a final desicion but we r considering skoda and aveo. Dzire they were told has a one year waiting dad found sx4 a bit stiff and heavy to drive..... and the people at Ford Nagpur were unfriendly and uncooperative ascompared to the other guys(that left a bitter feeling and they cancelled the option straight away..Not that they liked the fiesta base version very much.). So guys we r still thinking hard and will soon come to a final desicion.......will definitely let you all know. Once again thanks to you all. Bye
  2. Hi there My name is Romeil . My father intends to buy a new car and we need your guidance for the same. If u could only help us we would be very thankful. My father is a doctor in a tehsil plsce in mah(dist yavatmal...near Nagpur).......he is a senior doctor and enjoys good respect in the town.We had a santro earlier. Now he intends to buy a sedan type. However our budget is not much. My father was hell bent on buying the Dzire as it costs under 5 lakh from Nagpur.........I somehow convinced him to increase his budget .I must add here that my dad usually drives himself and he really enjoys it. An imp point is that we want a petrol car only as we take it out abt once a week. overall max 10000 k per annum. Comfort ,Looks, Milage,good engine, maintenance, resale value are imp points to consider,,,in that sequence. We now plan to buy a car around 6 lacks(+/- 15000-20000). Our option are fiesta base, aveo base,Dzire. Tata and logan r not to be considered. Also no Fabia as its not a sedan. I dont like the dzire but if you feel that at that cost it is a better buy than the other two i will go ahead with it.any other options and suggestions would be appreciated. There r two other families(both doctors) with us who intend to buy the same car as we do so we r in a great bargaining position. It would be grateful of you to reply to my query. Thanking you Regards Dr Romeil Mumbai