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  1. Did some hunting over the weekend, saw a decently maintained City Vtec (2002) for around 3.85L and a 2006 Swift VXi for 3.8L. I've eliminated the City from my list primarily as it will already be 6+ years old and I aim to keep to the car for another 4 odd years. A Corolla for around 4L?? Wow thats really cheap, but then these cars will be cheap to buy and expensive to maintain. With the EMI's for the house starting, I can ill afford to spend much on the car, at least not for another 6 months or so.
  2. I am not too keen on a diesel as my running would be very limited... Never been a fan of the Accent but will keep my eyes peeled for one. Thanks for the tip.
  3. I am not too keen on the Spark but I dont mind looking at the Chevy Aveo U-Va. I dont mind adding a bit of my own money but I am a bit tight nowadays as I've purchased a house this month. Hiren
  4. Thanks 325i and Rajeev, I will have a look at these dealerships and what they have over the weekend. Modding the car to go a bit faster is the reason why I was looking at the City and the Swift. I quite like the backlights in the dashboard of the new swift. I wonder if these could be fitted in an older swift. Much appreciated.
  5. Hi folks, First post on this forum. My name is Hiren and I reside in Mumbai. I am about to buy my first car and am looking at your advice. I will soon be joining another company and they are offering me a car upto 3.75L. In this price I will not be able to get a brand new decent car that is fun to drive as well, so I am exploring the used car option. In this range I can get a 2005/2006 Swift VXi or 5+ years old Honda City; Vtec if I am lucky. The City (old shape) has been a long time favorite car of mine. So my question is, considering that the old shape city is no more in production, buying a city a good option? Or should I stick to the Swift (which is also a very good car). My heart says City and mind says Swift. Maintainence costs would also be lower for the Swift, so thats one more thing going for it. I've burnt my fingers when we had bought a used Esteem for the family many years ago . My other query is from where do I buy my new (used) car . Are First choice cars reliable? I should mebbe even look at True Value (or something of that sort) from MAruti. Apologies for the rather long post and again do excuse me if this has been discussed earlier, I tried searching but could not find anything. Many thanks for all the advice. Cheers, Hiren