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  1. The Fiesta Saloon is expected in Q3 2011 and the hatchback is mostly expected to be launched in Q1 2012.
  2. I am not too sure if this will happen, since Ford will first reposition current Fiesta and rename it as Fiesta Classic. I frankly dont see too much sense for a Figo sedan if Fiesta Classic is repositioned. Once Etios diesel & Next Gen Dzire+ Dzire CS are launched it would make it tougher for Ford. Its better that they divert their attention to Ford Fiesta hatch & Ford Focus for India launch.
  3. @Ishan- Then if you look at it you can also get a 2007 Civic at 7 lacs i.e. almost close to price of Etios. City has a better brand so not sure if there will be a major dent.
  4. @asethi- Nice Catch and yes this car has been doing rounds since a long time. Maybe Honda is using this test mule for a diesel??
  5. That is not the next Gen Civic. But the Euro Accord!
  6. Altis would have better resale value. Civic would fall next.
  7. @Anand- the above pic is just a rendering ..so we production model might be somewhat similar.
  8. I doubt about the Facelift Swift /New Ford Fiesta. Swift just got a minor facelift in 2008. So i think mostly we will get only the Next gen model - if it all its showcased it would be only the 1.2 KB series in it. To add to the list :- Toyota's small car/ Saloon ( Code Name : EFC)
  9. Congrats on the i20 buddy. i20 seems to be selling quite well !! Do post some more pics after your trip. Drive safe. Cheers.
  10. I prefer Silver- its kinda easy to maintain compared to white . 2 of my cars are Silver.
  11. Would be interesting to see which diesel powertrain will power the GV. They could also plonk that in the SX4 !! Anyways i would prefer a locally assembled Captiva to a locally assembled GV.
  12. Bala, though we can wish for it - it wont happen. Even Hyundai's 800 cc car which would be placed below Santro would carry more premium than Nano. karanraheja2009-11-04 09:49:50
  13. Spark is a great car and a VFM . But for such a price and target segment you gotta be spot on with your A.S.S and brand name. Though people still have trust to an extent in GM brand . Regular price cuts too have been a wrong trend.
  14. No offence, but if they want to go the Fiat 500 way and show their capabilities they are better off displaying it in the Auto Expo. Its an awesome hatch no doubt but it just doesnt fit the bill for our roads.
  15. Errr, how come we havent seen even one test mule of this ??? I dont think launch is anytime around . I also dont see it priced around 8 lac mark, i20 crdi is already priced close to 8 lac mark. They are better off bringing saloon to replace Verna.
  16. I have voted for Honda 1.5 VTEC, i havent driven the Suzuki K 1.2 , but have heard very good review on that engine , since i have driven only the Honda 1.5 i preferred to vote for it, truly gem of an engine. Quite surprised to see more votes for Fiat 1.4, i found it underpowered, maybe i need to TD it again!
  17. Hmm, why not compare Ikon with Dzire instead ( segment wise) , i dont see much scope of comparing these two cars. Swift is a Swift !! hehe, Ikon has been in our market for a decade- only saving grace in the car now is 1.4 TDCI and superb rear comfort . Ikon deserved a proper facelift , But its still heck of a VFM.
  18. Not only Linea , ANHC & others too will face the heat. The Polo saloon will surely get the 1.2 TSI!!
  19. You didnt get my point did you????? i meant to say that it would look outdated when the cars mentioned by me would be out. And i dont think it would be entry level hatch , it would be positioned below premium hatch market. LOL- at your views on it being next pocket rocket!!!!! karanraheja2009-10-24 11:21:51
  20. I dont think they would launch before March. Figo is a good product , but i dont see anything exciting in it, apart from VFM( as per Ford) and 1.4 tdci . With launch of Toyota's small car, Next Gen Swift , VW Polo i think it would look outdated in a year or two . Think Ford should have given us a more exciting hatchback.
  21. Top end Vista Ignis is the only launch i have heard of . I atleast dont see a facelifted Vista for a year!
  22. That is where Fiat, VW & Skoda have excelled( 15k service intervals)! Linea would be easy on pocket - imagine i would have to give the car for service only once a year max! Beat this i have used my ANHC only for 4600km- 6 months and today my car would be going for 2nd service interval ( 6month/10,000km) . I would totally agree with you the service intervals need to be worked by other manufacturers
  23. I hope we get a better chunky feel like steering ( like Linea) in SX4 instead of Dzire/Swift type steering. SX4 needs to look upmarket so sharing parts with its sibling might not be the best option
  24. The alloys which one gets in Thai top end ANHC is drool!!!! Try getting those. O.T.: How much does the V spec alloys wheels cost?