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  1. have been driving a wogon R & a santro for the last 5 years. I personally find wagon R better specially in terms of comfort. Have heard about wagon R being stopped once A star is launched in the next few months. While wagon R is good in many respects, it's a more than 8 year vehicle and due for replacement, i10 is new technology would be a better bet. Vista, I personally wud not suggest a Tata vehicle have a bad experience with the sales & service (completely avoidable). You may also want to wait for the new launches from the Maruti stable over the next 1-2 months. I have a simple funda of choosing my car, test drive all the cars in the chosen segment (i10, swift, vista in ur case) and go where ur heart says yes the minute u hit the road. All cars these days are technically good barring a couple of features here an there, while on a test drive try and have a conversation (technical/ discount related/ accessory related) with the sales persona ccompanying you and u wud also get some idea of the service levels of the company (Tata scores the worst without doubt). I know this may sound very basic but somehow, whenever I have chosen a car it has been based on these. Hope this helps.. All the best for your search..
  2. this sure looks quite adequate on paper at least..
  3. more than the avg it's the comfort which make u fall in love with the car, take her for a long drive and u wud never want to come back home :-))). It's a true value for money though I don't understand why it was not a success initially. The VXI is a fully loaded vehicle with alloy and music system.
  4. honestly i was as shocked to hear the same but there are some issues to it.
  5. speed that was not intentional.. there is no edit button, also this was just an after thought so added. apologies if that was of any inconvenience to you... :-)
  6. i think someone hit a tree and the engine got damaged severly due to lack of protection bar in the front, and he had a pay a bomb to get it repaired (just hitting a tree.. else i think drive wise is a great car to own. Though personally prefer the swift..
  7. while i 10 is good looking fresh car, have read somewhere about the car not being very safe. do check out some other sites before u make a decision.
  8. don't think it's too heavy on maint as well. my brother gets an avg of around 12 in city (delhi) and around 15-16KMPL on highways
  9. considering that the car is out of prod for more than a year now a 3 - 3.25lkhs shud be a good price..
  10. my brother bought a two yr old baleno VXI (22000 km and good condition) for around 3.5lkh last yr from a friend. That time the car had just about gone out of prod. I think that was a very good deal since the dealers were offering 3.7lkh imm. Also, I personally feel it's a wonderful car, have done quite a few high way trips on it myself and it is by far one of the most comfy drives..
  11. my brother a two yr old baleno VXI (22000 km and good condition) for around 3.5 last yr from a friend. That time the car had just about gone out of prod. I think that was a very good deal since the dealers were offering 3.7lkh imm. Also, I personally feel it's a wonderful car, have done quite a few high way trips on it myself and it is by far one of the most comfy drives..
  12. Thanks Speed, Well, the dealer has already given me a reasonable discount and accessories (key less cent locking + gear lock) and was not ready for any further goodies. Does Maruti offer to put this coating and is it worth while to get it done from them or outside?
  13. Thanks Archit. Any idea regarding the cost of the same (both if poss). And where can I get it from. I'm staying in Delhi..
  14. Hi! I have recently bought a Maruti SX4, I have been facing some problems while parking it in the reverese (can't see any much while reversing the car. Someone has suggested me to get the reverse sensor installed. I saw the same installed in the test drive vehicle. All I want to know is: 1) Is it really useful? (I had seen the sensor without the camera which shows the distance on the rear view mirror.) 2) Which one to get installed? (with or without the camera?) 3) Where to get it installed? (I guess there is a genuine maruti accessory available) 4) What is the estimate cost of the same ?
  15. Hi I have recently bought the SX4 black colour. At the time of the delivery the saleperson suggested that I shud get a teflon coating specially becoz it is a black car and prone to ugly looking scratches. However, he also suggested that I wait for he rains to get over and get it done from any Maruti auth service station. I want to know 1) what this teflon coating is all about and whether it really protects the car from scratches as much as it is said to be? 2) If it is really useful, where can I get it done from, Maruti auth serv stations or any other accessory / teflon specialist (if any)? I live in Delhi. 3) What is the expected cost for getting the same done? 4) Does one need to repeat the treatment at regular intervals? Look forward to your help..
  16. I'm not saying it's safer or more comfortable, but would like to put basic safety & comfort on the wish list. However the key reason wud continue to be space...
  17. Well, I wud primarily go for an estate for the space, as having a small kid in the family, I need to carry a lot of stuff while on a move with the family. Have been looking out for good SUVs which slightly exceed my budget and the sedan do not provide enough space. So I wud personally buy an estate primarily for space followed by safety & comfort. Well, I still find the logan estate better looking than the sedan version (even if it's just a change in rear)....
  18. The logan estate looks quite good, I'm sure they wud reasonably price it while launching in India and this cud be more sucessful than logan saloon.
  19. Only the tope end variant was possibly the reason for the failure..
  20. which is fine but it shud be reasonably priced. We can't have a saloon for 7-7.5 lakhs and an estate for 9 lakhs (guess that was a case with baleno). if the diff is 30-50k and the looks are reasonably good there is no way it wud not sell given the additonal practicality as a family vehicle.
  21. that's the whole point, we need reasonably priced estates in our market, somthing which is cheaper than a SUV.
  22. the marina has found most sucess due to the radio taxi segment. Have seen most of them as radio taxis in Delhi.
  23. Maruti swift dezire wud look good in estate version, provided Maruti is able to provide that extra special design. I hope they actually come up with an estate version.
  24. Agree with u speed. The reason for decline in the SUV demand overseas is continued recession in the economy for the past fwe years. While we are witnessing some slow down, the car sales are still zooming despite fuel price hike, price hike by manufacturers, excise duty hike on big cars. The key reason has been new vehicle launches and still easy availablity of loan.
  25. I think estates are more practical anyday as compared to saloons, while I like the looks of Tata indigo marina, not confident of of Tata's service standards.