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  1. Which car ? Its probably a worn out seal. Some manufacturers replace the seal while others prefer going in for drastic changes.
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    Car Talks

    Batch strength is 50, first 50 registrations will gain access. Slots filling up real fast, so hurry fellows...
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    Car Talks

    Yeah I know, having fun already & waiting for you to join in.
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    Car Talks

    Was sort of caught up in work, now have time. Btw added & group live.
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    Car Talks

    Hey friends, I've created a special group(WhatsApp) for car enthusiasts to join, explore & have fun. Those who are keen to join, just fill in the form: https://docs.google....2ceo1Q/viewform Rules: No offensive, adult or abusive content.
  6. Nice scoop, any interior captures ? Hope Honda brings this to India!
  7. Thanks FRG, yeah some or the other work took the better of me. The trip was fun, though im not much of a photo guy but luckily the ones accompnying me clicked some. Will post as soon as i get from them.
  8. finally old timers(bs,rssh,kin) getting their due, good job support team. congo mates, keep the spirits up & rock on. Great to see new entrants too, best of luck guys.
  9. just reached back from higher reaches after playing with snow!
  10. Passats haven't been all that reliable with niggling problems & failures. I've heard a no. of stories & have been doing rounds on the net too. Im trying to locate the link. Edit: Here you go: http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian-car-scene/48108-vw-passat-problems-alert.html?highlight=passat speed2009-11-22 10:22:32
  11. Do keep in mind that Jetta is not selling well & people have had problems with Passat. Infact VW is not that "top-notch" what its perceived to be!
  12. Hi Gary, welcome the forum. Please tell us about the vehicles you drive. Hope you enjoy your stay.
  13. FRG our site admin is a long distance traveller, would be happy to help you!
  14. Yes that should be coming but 1.4L is not much worth waiting for!
  15. BS, I don't think there are going to be any significant launches in the D-segment during Auto-Expo. Forget Jetta, it looks older than its cousin! Why are you not considering Civic? BTW, have you decided between Diesel or Petrol, to make things easier! There might be a surprise in the form of Mitsubishi Lancer at the Expo, who knows! I would suggest you not to ignore the Laura, its a good car.
  16. That's right Ramesh, hatchbacks make the most sense in our scenario. Look at the clogged/unplanned City streets where we dwell most of the time. With a saloon/sedan we are carrying excess luggage in the form of boot which is seldom required during City runabouts. Rather it becomes a chore to park the car & drive in bumper to bumper traffic, tight U-turns, etc. Moreover the hatchbacks today offer what sedans do, in some cases surpass the equipment/comfort levels. A slew of premium hatchbacks have been launched & are well received by the consumers. Sometime back consumers were unaware of this segment & the first few entrants were ignored(fusion,SRV) but the awareness levels have grown since & consumers are choosing hatches over sedans now. Cars like i20 have changed the market dynamics & most manufacturers are vying for a spot in the premium hatch back space. Small additions like Automatic transmission, safety features in the form of Airbags, ABS, etc have plugged the remaining holes. Though enthusiasts still have things to complain due to lack of performance in the segment but their wishes shall also be fulfilled in due course.
  17. Hello Ramesh ji, if Civic has been troubling your back, stay away from Jazz, consider it a smaller Civic(without boot). Seating in Jazz is low too. Fabia should be the best bet over here with good, comfortable seating & nice cosseting ride. This was out of the 3 you mentioned. Otherwise, Ritz has pretty decent seating & comfort.speed2009-11-07 19:19:30
  18. Split figures of Vista & old Indica need to be seen & so do the figures of i20 diesel & petrol. Fiesta seems to have got a boost due to the limited editions which are well priced. Laura too is rising significantly. Innova does outsell Xylo but Scorpio+Xylo give Mah. big nos.
  19. Enthusiastic & sporty! I bet he'd be happy to foot your bills!
  20. Terracan is much easier to find. New Pajero is a better buy than a used Monty.
  21. Ahh.., Eddie should be happy to that for his core team! Hope we lesser mortals also had somebody like eddie for support!speed2009-11-07 13:42:32
  22. I guess Cyrus would love to own a piece of art & paint the town!