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  1. Same as in case of Logan (it has left reverse light) and the First Ikon (it had only one reverse light. I think the right side one). Yes ikon previous ikon had one reverse lamp on left and even SX4 too has only one revrse parking lamp!
  2. Hey guys, any idea how much will side skirts cost? Also please suggest any good brand of sunfilm with its price. Thanks. MODS : I've posted again because i wasn't able to edit my previous post.
  3. No vijay, I've not coloured my car's door handles, but its looking good now and i will try to post pics soon. :-)
  4. Hi TSR! If thats the case, I think you should try to avail the discount for your chevy because even if you ordered the car in month of Feb. you will be getting it in your hands in March only, So you must ask the dealer for discount of 8k more.All the best and congrats again on your buy. :-)
  5. your bro might have sent them, anyways
  6. @nimesh : Ohh ok, I got it now! but btw, I've got some unwated PMs from your currnet profile,which i reported also, So who sent them? @BS : his previous ID was Nimesh Mittal
  7. Hey I've taken back my car to home now, Its looking nice!I will post pics soon. @BS, Yeah buddy theres no problem of quality because i've done some other work in my car from that s.station only, also, they have fully matched the bumper colour to my car's . :-)
  8. Hey guys, following other carmakers like MSIL, Hyundai etc, Now Tata has also joined hands with Bank of India!Just check out this article - Tata Motors joined hands with Bank of India for financing its range of passenger cars to provide an added facility of car finance to its customers. Bank of India offers car loans up to 90% of invoice, for loans up to Rs 1 million for tenure ranging up to 6 years, at a very competitive rate of 10.25% to 10.75%. This facility will be available at all metro, urban and semi-urban branches of Bank of India and 329 sales touch points of Tata Motors. This tie-up will provide a single window for both cars as well as car loans and will make car buying easier for the customers. Bank of India is one of the largest Public Sector Undertakings in the country catering to the needs of industry, exports, agriculture as well as retail segment. Shares of Tata Motors declined Rs 0.4, or 0.29%, to trade at Rs 138.90. The total volume of shares traded was 637,475 at the BSE (2.59 p.m., Friday).
  9. Yes, i too think its quite expensive, I've said him to paint both bumpers, and both ORVMs and you know last time when i asked on same place he said 2.5k but everytime when i ask its rate is going upwards..anyways
  10. Yup he is, He mentioned in his previous profile, which is now banned.
  11. @BS ; About 3k buddy, What do you think is it ok? @Zal, Yes buddy, but they just left me home back with their car and i think they will come to pick also, and hey sure, I will post some pics. EDIT: It will take around 4 hours. vibhor2009-03-07 10:14:04
  12. The old accord also came with V6 but it had a bad habit of drinking so much fuel and same is expected with this one too anyways, this car is just great and i think the newer version has sold in quite good. nos. beause i've seen many of these accords on road and they are sheer in size just like a Merc E! @Spearhead, Thanks alot buddy! vibhor2009-03-07 10:10:38
  13. Hey guys, I've left the car to station to paint bumpers to body colour.
  14. Hey BTW, don't you guys think we are going OT now?