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  1. Strikes and militant unions can never be positive. It pushes up costs, compromises quality and is not good for end car user. Japan car indusry's success is thanks to deep understanding and respect between the car company and its employees
  2. Great topic! has prompted me to post after long time. I think sunglass holder is a no good feature. the cheaper cars have no felt or rubber backing and this scratches the lenses with all the bumps the car is goin over. better to keep them in the case and in glove box or door pocket.
  3. New City is too expensive and Honda's pricing takes us for fools. For me its the Dzire. it has everything to give me pleasure of owning a car. Diesel engine, ****ey, good interiors and fuel economy. What more do you need?
  4. Its the same when an airline increases airfares. you get the SAME of everything but at a higher price. It's the same when fuel prices go up. you get the SAME quality of petrol and diesel but at a higher price. It's the same when the Taj Hotel increases their room rates from Rs. 10,000 to 15,000 you get the SAME quality but at a higher price. It's not about giving more if you increase prices. There are external forces beyond one's control which forces people to raise prices at times. So if the increase in paper price of a magazine is not a good enough reason to increase the rates then what is? Do you make a loss in your business?
  5. Had to jump into this one. bought the latest ACI and frankly, Rs 10 doesn't make a difference to my life. All prices are going up - petrol, diesel (do you stop buying fuel if the price has gone up?) and other commodities. This is the price of inflation and we have to live with it. Paper prices have gone up and the rupee has gone down. Since magazine paper is imported there is no other option left for the publishing people. I think ACI is the most complete magazine with the right mix of indian / foreign articles, Excellent F1 coverage and even a strong consumer section (helpline, shopper etc) NO other mag gives this quality. OD has jumped from Rs. 60 to 75 and even that is not a problem for me. I can't believe such a noise is made about spending Rs. 10 extra every month. I thought everyone who is interested in cars would pay extra for what is without any confusion India's best and most reliable auto magazine
  6. Just watched the Autocar Show on UTVi and was quite impressed. Renuka has lots of authority in the way she speaks. Good story on the C63 and its nice to see exclusives on a channel so young. The BEST Bus story was interesting and it was crazy watching a double decker do a slalom! but again the presenter is very defensive and flowery about the bus. He says it the best way to travel in the monsoon. Are you joking? who in their right mind would want to stand in pouring rain at the bus stop. The ducati story could have done with better videography. the section with Hormazd is very topical and enlightening but our editor needs to lose weight!
  7. Ferrari for me. Its not just the aura and mystique of the brand but the technology ferrari road cars have and not just brute power of the Lambos.
  8. 12-13 kpl in a City CVT is quite a challenge to achieve. It depends on the driving conditions. But i10 auto with small engine and small weight will certainly be more economical than the City
  9. welcome santosh. hope to see you give us some insights about your work
  10. The new Honda City will also come with one.
  11. Its ridiculous that Hamilton and Rosberg have been penalised. True that Hamilton got carried away but Kimi did break suddenly. the real villain in this piece is the pitlane rule. Which other form of motor sport has a traffic light in it?
  12. Suggest you wait for the i10 auto which is coming with a new 1.2 litre engine. this auto will be super duper.
  13. Autocar India was launched in 1999 so the 1996 mags you are referring to must be Auto India. Keep all these copies. you never know how much they will be worth in the future!!
  14. You should preserve them. they could become collector's items! In 10 years there maybe no magazines as everything will go on internet.
  15. This is a very impressive design. Car looks grown up and with good proportions. thank god the awkwardness of City we are now using is gone.
  16. Looks like a job done by Chhabria when he is drunk! Terrible looking cars.
  17. Sorry to say but Patankar is most boring person with a voice that sounds like a diesel engine at 1000rpm. Have you noticed how he agonises over styling issues on a car. Hey, who the hell cares if there is extra chrome grille or not?! I have not seen Autocar show on UTVi yet so cannot comment. But agree with comments that CNBC show now is complete bakwaas. One day that girl Shereen is talking about stock markets and the other day about engines! CNBC show has no feeling of honesty somehow
  18. Prices have to be hiked. there can be no other way. Every other country is pricing their fuel according to market forces. We have to swallow this bitter pill which has a sugar coating- it will make car manufactures give us better fuel efficiency or better still push harder to bringing alternative propulsion systems.
  19. overall endeavour is better because; more power better interiors cheaper better resale The only negative is bumpy ride but does not make it so bad that you don't buy it. See the latest autocar. there is a very good comparison test of both these SUVs
  20. There is no exact date when the diesel CR-V is being launched. Honda need to be satisfied wtih the quality of diesel in India before launching it. this is the tough one for Honda
  21. A big complaint about the CR-V is the mileage so the diesel should address that. the only other chink is the lack of third row of seats like Captiva. The way Indian families travel, extra seats are always welcome.
  22. The Skyline must be the fastest accelerating car India has witnessed. This could be the start of true-blue drag racing just like in America. This Speed run has created history because of that one car.
  23. Spark is based on old Matiz and is Daewoo Korean in origin' date=' the engine of Spark and Santro are based on Suzuki 3 and 4 cylinder engines from 800 and Zen respectively. The Korean Hyundai and Daewoo were licensed to manufacture these engines and use them in their vehicles, they were later on developed further in house by the Korean companies.[/quote'] You are completely wrong on engines Gurkha. only 3-cylinder Matiz engine is Suzuki derived and based on Maruti 800 engine (code: F8C). Spark 1-litre is of same family of 1.2 U-VA but scaled down. this was first new engine family developed by Daewoo with inputs from Porsche and Ricarcdo. .It has no link with the 3 cylinder engine. Zen engine again completely different from Santro. Zen engine is G10B and is based on Esteem engine G13B (again scaled down) Zen engine is all-aluminiun with two valve per head and four valve per head options. Santro engine is 'Epsilon' developed in 1997 it is cast iron block and three valve per cylinder.
  24. I guess you people are only the smart ones everyone who buys a Skoda is an *****. Never mind that more people buy Octavia than Corolla or Optra. Now I am confident that Fabia will sell more than Getz. Everyone knows Skoda is charging high price for spares but they still buy Skoda. Why? because you get a particular feel and ambience you don't get in japanese car. Just for your info. It is only ACI that is highlighting the high cost of their spare parts. check guide in latest issue. Skoda parts very high. Just because people do not agree with your views it doesn't mean they are corrupt. people can have different views too. Let us continue this argument once the Fabia is in the market. If you say Skoda should not cost more than Rs 7 lakh then Honda City should be not more than Rs. 4 lakh. Thank God you people are not running a car company because you would; give the most powerful engines - and all the cars would FLOP give a bodykit to a Getz and expect it to sell. LOL! you think consumers are *****? There is still not answer why a Getz CRDi cannot sell more than 400 cars per month when Fabia is ready (according to finance companies) to do over 1000 a month.
  25. You have missed the whole point haven't you? if cars sold only on quality then, Indica would be coming LAST. There is no denying that Japanese cars are more reliable than Europe models but people also buy cars for EMOTION. That is where the FEEL-GOOD factor of cars like Fabia are making sense. Once again, Fabia will not sell in large numbers, I have never said that but the people who buy them, are wanting a car for a certain feel that no japanese car gives. this is why Octavia outsells Corolla in India because it FEELS better. Corolla is cheaper and more reliable but it has BOMBED. On foreign magazines, don't suck up to goras. These journalists are known to take money and even have petrol in their car filled by company. Did you know that Jeremy Clarkson charges appearance fee to come to a car dealership? These guys are very commercial. You are giving examples of foreign from Harwich and Westlake. talk about Bombay and Pune man. dont me so swayed by the phoren angle! don't kill the Fabia before it is launched. only a prejudiced person would do that. as for Getz CDRDi let us talk after Fabia is launched. I am betting that even if Fabia is more expensive it will outsell Getz.