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  1. no its not contradicting at all. Skoda is expecting only 1200 sales a month. that is low by hatchback standards. if vehicle was cheaper more sales would follow as more could afford it. It is well known that more expensive the car, the lower the sales so where is the contradiction?!! and we all are accepting that Fabia is expensive (but it is really high quality car) on more powerful engines. tell me one car where the more powerful option is the better seller. Name one! Palio - 1.2 sold better than 1.6 Ikon 1.3 better than 1.6 Fiesta 1.4 better than 1.6 Aveo 1.4 better than 1.6 Alto 0.8 better than 1.1 (soon it was stopped) Getz 1.1 better than 1.3 so why should skoda give more powerful option when no is going to buying them?? weak point of skoda's engine is not power output but noise levels from 3-cylinder.
  2. Yes I agree that Fabia is overpriced but there will be some willing to pay for its plus points. those people will be few so that is why Skoda is being realistic about sales.
  3. No one is doubting that Fabia is not noisy and it is quite well reported that PD engine is noisy than CRDI. We all know Skoda cars are expensive to maintain. ACI spare parts guide is there for proof. You are missing the entire point. The Fabia FEELS far superior to the rattly Swift and boring Getz whose interiors are so basic in comparison. and it is FEEL GOOD FACTOR that finally determines the buying decision. I am amazed how 'experts' comment on car without driving same one. I feel petrol engine will also be successful because it will not have noisy diesel engine. noisy engine is biggest drawback not the performance (adequate) or fuel consupmtion (very good)
  4. No am not a Skoda owner but one cannot presume that Fabia will be a trouble car just because some dissatisfied Skoda owners say so. Look at ratings in JD Power and other such surveys. Fabia is built with the latest technology which means it will be more reliable. Problem is not so much car but Skoda dealers which are very bad and give company a bad name
  5. Point taken but remember that there is lots of equipment in Fabia (park sensors, multiple airbags, on-board computer etc) so consumer may not mind paying high price. Skoda is only planning to sell 1200 a month which I am sure they can easily manage. Dont forget that honda is overpriced. look at City. it is bare compared to cheaper SX4. Fabia will be for those who want a high quality hatchback and can afford it. rest will go for the 'junta' swift diesel
  6. No doubt the Jazz will give Fabia a run for its money but how can you call it 'Junk' Have you driven it mndvishnu? please don't spoil quality of forum with your silly comments.
  7. One needs to drive the cars back to back before coming to any conclusions. Can you really compare a Swift to a Fabia? C'mon guys the two aren't even in the same class. Besides comments like East European hype show racism and igonorance. the Skodas are now 70 percent German (VW). Since when have diesel buyers been worried about bhp? they are more concerned about FE. Why does the Fiesta diesel (68bhp) outsell the Verna diesel (110bhp)?? because it is more fuel efficient. I am finding lots of forum members giving theoretical gyaan without any practical experience
  8. Autocar India in confidential section in December 2007 issue spoke about the face-lift Innova coming by end 2008 so this is old news my friends
  9. this is an incomplete poll without the i10. You need to include that now or MODS can you redo the poll to include i10?
  10. Good point. courtesy and politeness should be standard way of operating on such a prestigious forum
  11. I think in automotive forums its fashionable to go critical whereas auto mags are more mature and keep their readers interest in the mind. Regarding the ACI test of Fabia I am endorsing it because all their other 9/10 cars have been hits - Swift diesel and Honda Civic are some examples. It is also fashionable for many forums to run down auto mag. how can you comment on ACI opinion of Fabia without driving it?? It is also wrong to compare Indian title with foreign title. Suzuki is rubbish according to these magazines does that mean it is bad in india. no way. it is best selling cars. please don't be swayed by the 'phoren' magazine syndrome
  12. i10 any day. this is a car of international quality at a great price. SX4 is only value for money. it lacks refinement, fuel efficiency and overall finish of the City
  13. Alekh, Spark is great at this price. next best option is i10 Hyundai due for launch on October 31st in Delhi.
  14. Hey Cyrus that's a tough one. give a clue man!
  15. Interiors look superb. I am looking forward to next issue of ACI which I hope will carry detailed report on i10
  16. Hey Cyrus you really are crazy bawaji. I am sure these cars must be in excellent shape. love the super select, does she give much trouble?
  17. I am a forum member. what can we expect?
  18. I would say go for Santro. It is good for tall people and best car in category
  19. Excellent review comfortdriver. You should ask Autocar to put you on their test drive team! One thing I am not agreeing with you is on the service issue. Mercedes service is quite poor and the cost of service is very expensive
  20. Wow! that is big news. I have not seen this reported anywhere else. Good that ACI Forum is now breaking news for its members. What is status on drivers for Team Force India. Indian driver in the team must be expected.
  21. Bad move by GM India. they are known for giving discounts. It is sad that a car like Spark which is so nice for a small car is on discount market now.